What Is a Cash Advance

What is a Cash Advance and is it a Good Idea to Get One?

If you suddenly need cash, you can typically use your credit card in any ATM to get some money. But it is a costly process. While this is often called a “cash advance,” in reality, it is an expensive loan from your credit card company. Only use cash advances for emergencies and never use credit […]

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Credit Card Debt Negotiation

Despite the pandemic leading to record unemployment last year, Americans managed to pay off record amounts of credit card debt, largely thanks to two rounds of stimulus.[1] What’s more, the federal government leaned on credit card companies to be flexible, asking them to extend deferment options, where customers could reduce or pause payments completely.  However, […]

chapter 12 bankruptcy family farmers and family fishermen

Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

Family farmers and fishermen can find relief from their business debt with this form of reorganization bankruptcy, as long as they meet the requirements.