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Back-to-School Shopping 2021: Clothes Are Hot, Tech Is Not

August 23, 2021

A new survey shows the hottest buys will be fashionable

Read More poll: We’ll Spend More Preparing for Natural Disasters Because of COVID-19

July 16, 2021

The pandemic convinced Americans to take their safety seriously – and not just from health scares.

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Nearly 1 in 3 Americans Struggle to Fill Out FAFSA, Survey Finds

June 22, 2021

People’s biggest challenge filling it out is they don’t know all the financial information they’re asked for.

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Top money lessons novice investors wish they had learned soonerMedia Link

In an April survey of more than 1,000 Americans by financial adviser website, 80 per cent said they have a budget. The survey found that 88 per cent of respondents who budget managed to stay out of debt. Users are not budgeting for minor expenses such as coffee shop runs, but are instead doing so for holidays and special events before time.

Can You Pay Your Rent with a Credit Card or Venmo?Media Link

Howard Dvorkin, CPA, the chairman of, says, “Paying rent with a credit card can either be profitable or dangerous, depending on your [level of financial] discipline. If you always pay your bills on time, then using a rewards card can rack up thousands of extra points per year. But if you carry a balance and sometimes forget to make timely payments, then you’ll end up paying steep interest on top of your steep rent.”

How To Repair A Dangerous Credit Score RatingMedia Link

Make certain to stick to, cautions Howard Dvorkin, Chairman at “Don’t Google it and click the first few links. You’ll be taken to websites that try to sell you financial services. The only place to get free credit reports is,” he says. “Everywhere else is trying to mine your data or sell you something.”

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