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Upside to Inflation: More Americans Are Budgeting than Ever Before

April 27, 2022

A new survey also shows fifty percent are living paycheck to paycheck, but a spike in using online tools is making budgeting easier.

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Justice Tax Joins Expert Advisory Panel to Help Thousands of Americans with Tax Questions and Issues

March 15, 2022

The panel serves as a reliable source for consumers to learn more about finances, have their questions answered and gain knowledge directly from the minds of experts.

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Identity Theft: Americans Are Still Surprised When They’re a Victim of the Most Common Crime in America

December 23, 2021

A survey reports that 39% saw their credit score drop and 14% had to take on $500 or more in debt due to the fraud.

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Credit vs. Debit: The Face-OffMedia Link

While some debit cards offer cash back—including Discover Cash Back Debit, Neon PointCard and Axos Debit Card—the rewards programs on credit cards tend to be far richer. “And with a credit card, you can pick the type of rewards that you want,” says Howard Dvorkin, chairman of—whether cash, travel points or discounts at a favorite retailer.

How to Prepare for Retirement: A 5 Step GuideMedia Link

The CPA and chairman of, Howard Dvorkin, warned of carrying credit card debt into retirement…

Right now, [credit card] interest rates are hovering around 20%. That means you’re paying a dollar for every five you borrowed.

Buy now, pay later apps can lead to vicious debt cycles — here’s what you need to knowMedia Link

“People are buying ‘wants’ not ‘needs,’” Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairperson of, told CNBC.

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