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Company News recognizes Military Consumer Month ‒ with a warning

July 18, 2019 Chairman Howard Dvorkin, CPA worries about U.S. soldiers’ unseen enemies

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Fewer Americans are Budgeting in 2019 — Although They Think Everyone Else Should

April 4, 2019’s annual budgeting survey shows fascinating contradictions this National Financial Literacy Month

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Consumers tell ‘Love Doesn’t Have to Cost a Thing’

February 12, 2019’s annual Valentine’s Day Survey shows that nearly half of American adults expect their loved ones to spend nothing and the other half expects them to spend around $50.

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The Rise of Impostor Entrepreneurs

It’s not only easier to steal an identity, but also to create one.

The Huge Mistake Low-Income Earners Are Making

A recent survey showed that 38% of women and 42% of men claim to not have a budget because they “don’t earn much.” On the flip side, only 1% of women and 2% of men said they earned so much money that they don’t need a budget.

Should I Pay Off Debt or Save?

According to Howard Dvorkin, a CPA, two-time author, and chairman at, “It’s always better to pay off debt—because you’re paying yourself. Every dollar you erase from your credit card balance means more pennies in your pocket.”

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