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Company News poll reveals Americans think budgeting is crucial, and most are trying it – but not very well.

May 2, 2018

Budgeting your money is like eating healthy – everyone wants to do it, many say they’re doing it, but few are doing it right. A new budget survey of over 1,000 American adults by financial solutions company shows almost unanimous agreement: 92 percent of us believe we all need a budget. That dropped to […]

Read More Survey: Your Valentine Isn’t Keen on Adding to Your Debt

February 12, 2018

Fort Lauderdale, Feb. 13, 2018 – Despite reports of near record-high spending for Valentine’s Day, a new survey (results below) finds most people are not interested in their partner going into debt to get the perfect gift. In fact, almost half of survey respondents said they don’t expect their partner to spend anything at […]

Read More Survey: What Americans Regret about Money – and the 2018 Financial Resolutions They Promise to Keep

January 29, 2018 reports survey finding about American’s money regrets and hopes for the year ahead. Of the 1,300 survey respondents, over 77 percent said they are making financial New Year resolution in 2018 while only 43 percent said they made them in the past.

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In the Media Helps Consumers Tackle Their Biggest Financial Regrets

When you think about your financial history, is there anything in your past—or your present—that makes you cringe? If so, you’re not alone. When the experts at surveyed 1,300 consumers earlier this year, financial regret emerged as a common theme. In fact, a full 44 percent of respondents regretted running up or maxing out their credit card balances and hurting their credit score.

Good News: Your Credit Score Might Just Get a Bump In the Right Direction

Being a successful entrepreneur can mean enduring insults from competitors and even lies from jealous peers.

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Did Your Bad Credit Score Just Go Up? Here’s Why.

New rules from three major credit bureaus mean rising scores for millions of US consumers.

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