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Who Has the Worst Spending Habits, State Governments or State Residents?

July 31, 2017

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – You might think financially savvy Americans would vote for financially savvy candidates. A analysis shows that’s almost never true. Only one state achieved equilibrium: Nevada, the state that touts gambling and partying. The state ranked 14th, while its residents ranked 13th for personal financial responsibility. The Top 10 states with the healthiest finances […]

Read More Launches Commercial Featuring 12-Time Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte and Fiancé Model Kayla Rae Reid

June 7, 2017’s second commercial, part of the #YourSecondChance promotional campaign, features Ryan Lochte and Fiancé Kayla Rae Reid on screen together for the first time.

Read More Signs Endorsement Deal with 12-Time Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte

September 19, 2016 is in the business of second chances, and we believe this American swimming legend deserves and has earned one, too

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Good News: Your Credit Score Might Just Get a Bump In the Right Direction

Being a successful entrepreneur can mean enduring insults from competitors and even lies from jealous peers.

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Did Your Bad Credit Score Just Go Up? Here’s Why.

New rules from three major credit bureaus mean rising scores for millions of US consumers.

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A ‘Week-Day Hack’ That Makes It Look Like You Work Long Hours

As we approach the midpoint of 2017, one topic has consumed the entrepreneurial world this year: sleep.

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