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Inflation Is Making Us Sick, Physically and Financially

September 25, 2023’s annual survey shows Americans are falling behind on their medical bills – and even forgoing medical care.

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More Americans Budget Today than 5 Years Ago, but the Reason is Alarming

August 28, 2023’s annual budgeting survey shows how Americans have managed their money since 2019 – and why there’s trouble brewing.

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First-ever FinTok Awards Confirm TikTok Can Be a “Responsible Educator”

August 17, 2023 TikTok can be both a fun way to waste time and a serious way to be smart about money.

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What happens to a co-signer when a car is repossessed?Media Link

“Repossession is bad for both the borrower and the co-signer because both credit scores will take a hit. Late payments, loan defaults, loans sent to collections and court judgments can all be noted on the primary borrower reports and the co-signer’s reports,” says Howard Dvorkin, CPA and personal finance expert at

Inflation Driving Up Medical Debt, Forcing Missed Doctor VisitsMedia Link

A survey from shows that half of Americans reported outstanding medical bills or debt, with 67% saying that inflation made it harder to pay, an increase from 57% in the same poll taken last year. An additional 32% said their medical bills were in debt collection this year, above the 28% who identified this problem last year.

Inflation is up and so is medical debtMedia Link

A survey from examined the growing burden of medical debt in the United States, with alarming increases reported in key metrics compared to the previous year. The survey, conducted in 2023, highlights the detrimental impact of inflation on Americans’ ability to manage their medical expenses.

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