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Company News recognizes Military Consumer Month ‒ with a warning

July 18, 2019 Chairman Howard Dvorkin, CPA worries about U.S. soldiers’ unseen enemies

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Fewer Americans are Budgeting in 2019 — Although They Think Everyone Else Should

April 4, 2019’s annual budgeting survey shows fascinating contradictions this National Financial Literacy Month

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Consumers tell ‘Love Doesn’t Have to Cost a Thing’

February 12, 2019’s annual Valentine’s Day Survey shows that nearly half of American adults expect their loved ones to spend nothing and the other half expects them to spend around $50.

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Get SMART about budgeting in the new year

“American consumer debt sits at about $14 trillion dollars, and a survey finds about a third of us don even bother with a budget.”

3 Lessons About Failing the Right Way

“Always control the narrative. Never be afraid of failure. Failure just allows you the opportunity to succeed in the future from lessons learned — good or bad.”

Should you get your child a credit card?

That’s especially important if you’ve agreed to pay for some expenses. Dvorkin encouraged his son and daughter to get cards in their own names when they went to college, and he set hard boundaries for what he’ll contribute.

“I get their credit card statements and if I see something I don’t like, guess what – they have to pay it, not me,” he said.

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