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Company News recognizes Military Consumer Month ‒ with a warning

July 18, 2019 Chairman Howard Dvorkin, CPA worries about U.S. soldiers’ unseen enemies

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Fewer Americans are Budgeting in 2019 — Although They Think Everyone Else Should

April 4, 2019’s annual budgeting survey shows fascinating contradictions this National Financial Literacy Month

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Consumers tell ‘Love Doesn’t Have to Cost a Thing’

February 12, 2019’s annual Valentine’s Day Survey shows that nearly half of American adults expect their loved ones to spend nothing and the other half expects them to spend around $50.

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When to Send a Student Loan Goodwill Letter

“Just be honest with them – they’re human beings,” says Howard Dvorkin, certified public accountant and chairman of “Don’t be afraid to tell them the truth that you’ve been going through a divorce or that you had an illness or a problem with a sick child.”

A 10-step guide to recession-proofing your finances

“Think of recession-proofing your life like you would hurricane-proof your home,” says Howard Dvorkin, certified finance expert and chairman of “If a storm is days away, and I ask you where the hurricane shutters are, the worst answer you could give me is, ‘I think I have some in the garage, but maybe I need to buy some more.’ By then, it’s too late, and any exposed window could spell doom. Recessions work the same way, except their devastation can last months and linger for years.”

How To Retire Early, According to Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey and 8 Other Experts

“You aren’t retiring early if you owe thousands on your credit cards at [a] 20% [interest rate] or more,” said Howard Dvorkin, a CPA, personal finance expert and chairman of ‪‬. “Your very first step is to add up everything you owe, then figure out how to pay it back. Retiring early with anything more than a mortgage is downright dangerous, and my advice is to delay retirement until everything is paid off – including your home.”

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