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Company News poll: We’ll Spend More Preparing for Natural Disasters Because of COVID-19

July 16, 2021

The pandemic convinced Americans to take their safety seriously – and not just from health scares.

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Nearly 1 in 3 Americans Struggle to Fill Out FAFSA, Survey Finds

June 22, 2021

People’s biggest challenge filling it out is they don’t know all the financial information they’re asked for.

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Americans Are Budgeting Now More Than Ever — and It’s Getting Them Out of Debt, says Survey

May 13, 2021

There’s a 12 percent increase in people who budget over 2019 statistics and most people prefer pen and paper over apps.

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Take Advantage of Tax-Free Weekend SalesMedia Link

“If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to make sure we have enough items at home to last us for a while,” says Howard Dvorkin, certified public accountant and chairman of personal finance site That advice isn’t limited to pantry items either. “If your old personal computer kept crashing and it was … a major problem during Zoom meetings, this is the time to get a new one.”

The Eviction Ban Is Almost Over. Here’s What Struggling Renters Should Know.Media Link

“Eviction is so terrifying because it’s a Frankenstein’s monster built out of all your other problems,” says Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of “The only way to keep a roof over your head is to keep your head. Scour the internet, make some calls and enlist some allies. They’re out there.”

Small Businesses Should Have No Business with CryptocurrencyMedia Link

I launched my first business more than three decades ago. I launched my most recent business six months ago. I’ve invested in dozens since then, and I’m considering a few more right now.

None of them have anything to do with the hot topic of the season: cryptocurrency. None of them will, either. Not for a long time, if ever.

There are reasons why I won’t invest in cryptocurrency, and they’re the same reasons why you shouldn’t distract yourself by even considering it…

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