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7 Legal Ways to Reduce Your Tax Bill

Looking for ways to slash your tax bill? Laura reviews seven legitimate ways to eliminate your entire tax bill or increase your tax refund and keep more of your money.

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5 Tips for Keeping Tax and Other Financial Records

Filing cabinet overstuffed? It’s time to get clarity on which documents you can safely toss, what records you should save, and for how long. Laura reviews five tips for keeping tax and other financial records and staying compliant with IRS rules.

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7 Answers to Frequently Asked Income Tax Questions

Money Girl answers 7 common questions about paying income tax that will help you comply with the law, minimize what you owe, understand tax deductions and credits, pay household workers or nannies properly, and avoid trouble if you can’t pay Uncle Sam on time.

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Answers to Common—and Not So Common—Tax Questions

As tax-filing seasons go, the past two years have been unlike any other. Income tax filings have been delayed and this year taxpayers need to get updated information on child tax credits and stimulus. It’s created a filing panic as we approach the May 17 filing deadline for 2020 federal income taxes. So, here’s everything […]