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If you’re getting calls from debt collectors, your financial stress is probably running high. Not only do you have the burden of finding a way to get out of debt, you may be dealing with debt collectors that cross the line and violate your rights. The good news is that there are solutions that can help you solve your debt problems but fight back against abusive and harassing tactics by collectors.

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Talk to resolution specialist now that can match you with the exact solution (or solutions) that you need to end the stress of debt collection, so you can get back to financial stability.

Can a Debt Collector Have Me Arrested?
In 19th Century England, more than half of all prisoners were there for unpaid bills. But in the United States, there’s no such thing as debtor’s prison. Not since the 1830s anyway.

Here’s how it works in this century; if you don’t pay your bills, you don’t go to prison. But you could still go to court. You can be sued for what you owe. And while you won’t be sent up the river, your credit score can sink to the bottom of the ocean.

If a debt collector threatens you with jail time, it’s a big, fat, lie. It’s also a warning sign. Don’t be bullied. Call if debt collectors are harassing you, and we can make them stop. Because this is the 21st century and there are laws against collector harassment. We can tell you all about them, just call us.

Don’t Believe a Debt Collector’s Threats!

Debt collectors will make all kinds of threats to try and scare you into repaying. But these types of statements aren’t just untrue – they’re against the law. So, for instance, if a debt collector threatens to send you to jail, it’s not you that needs to worry about the lawman. It’s them. You can’t be sent to jail because you don’t pay a debt collection bill. And if a collector tells you that you will, it’s harassment. You may be able to sue them civil court and get damages for their lies and abuse.

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Mapping America’s Delinquencies and Defaults

When debts fall behind, become delinquent or go into default, it means Americans must deal with the hassle and stress of debt collection. From credit card charge-offs to student loan defaults, there’s no shortage of challenges that consumers can face when it comes to past-due debt. We’ve mapped how debts are falling behind nationwide to see which states have the most challenges with debt collection. What’s really troubling is that many of these default and delinquency rates are approaching the levels they hit right before the Great Recession. If you have debts that a behind, you need to find a solution to deal with them now.

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Whether you need to file complaints against collector harassment or settle your debt to get the collectors off your back, we can help. Get a free evaluation today.


Don’t spend another day stressed and dodging collectors. can help you find solutions to get out of debt and stop abuse by debt collectors now.

Have Questions about Debt Collection?

If you have questions about how to deal with debt collectors, what counts as collector harassment or what your rights are under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, we can help. Ask’s panel of certified debt experts to get the answers you need so you can stop the phone calls and end your problems with collectors quickly with the least hassle possible.

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