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Editorial Guidelines

We here at have great respect for the important role finances have in a person’s life. As such, we put a lot of thought and care into ensuring our content provides accurate, timely, and value add information our readers and clients can trust. The foundation for upholding these standards is threefold: our writers, our editors, and our resources.


The writing team here at is carefully selected. We focus on choosing writers with a background in both writing and personal finance. Having this dual background criterion makes for stronger, more informed pieces.


All content goes through a thorough editing process spearheaded by our highly-skilled editorial team. The full editing process includes multiple rounds that focus on style, grammar, spelling, and the content itself. Content is checked for relevancy, comprehensiveness, readability, and accuracy.

While the official editorial team is in charge of the editorial process, every person at is an honorary member of the editorial team. To ensure only the best information makes it into a finished piece, every employee is a resource that gets tapped into for their expertise.


The quality of a piece is only as good as the information it provides. That’s why the editorial guidelines go beyond the inside team to include the resources we use to inform our pieces. We solely rely on resources that have the same high standards that we uphold ourselves here at Double-checking these resources and cross-checking the information is a standard practice we stand firm on.

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