What Are the Different Types of Financial Advisors?

What Are the Different Types of Financial Advisors?

Confused about whether you need a financial advisor and the different types? Laura interviews Rita Cheng, CFP, from Blue Ocean Global Wealth and about who should work with an advisor, how to find someone trustworthy, what fees are charged, and the differences between robo-advisors and financial advisors.

Should You Pay Off Debt Before Investing?

Should You Pay Off Debt Before Investing?

Not sure whether to pay off a debt or to invest money instead? Laura covers the main pros and cons and shares a simple method to prioritize your precious resources so you accomplish key financial goals and build wealth as quickly as possible. Illustration by Ivan Benavides: Dean Sperantsas, financial planner and wealth management investor

Tough Talk: Terminal Illness And Your Finances

For two decades, Dean Sperantsas managed investments for a wide range of clients, handling millions of dollars. But his toughest job involved far smaller sums – caring for both his parents and his wife before they died, while also managing their money. Sperantsas is what’s known as a “chartered financial analyst,” which means he passed three rounds of tests […]

What is a PFM mobile app?

Who Uses a PFM?

If you think PFM platforms are just for Wall Street big wigs, think again. These days almost any consumer can use a PFM to build a better financial outlook.

Seniors need financial stability to achieve retirement goals

Money Management for Seniors

We help you understand the four key concerns in effective personal finance and money management that seniors need to know for a comfortable retirement.

Cash money

Budgeting for Couples

When you take individual perspectives and blend them into a single money management strategy, it can be tricky. Here are 4 key questions to ask when budgeting for couples.