Advertisement Illustration by Ivan Benavides: Dean Sperantsas, financial planner and wealth management investor

Tough Talk: Terminal Illness And Your Finances

For two decades, Dean Sperantsas managed investments for a wide range of clients, handling millions of dollars. But his toughest job involved far smaller sums – caring for both his parents and his wife before they died, while also managing their money. Sperantsas is what’s known as a “chartered financial analyst,” which means he passed three rounds of tests […]

What is a PFM mobile app?

Who Uses a PFM?

If you think PFM platforms are just for Wall Street big wigs, think again. These days almost any consumer can use a PFM to build a better financial outlook.

Cash money

Budgeting for Couples

When you take individual perspectives and blend them into a single money management strategy, it can be tricky. Here are 4 key questions to ask when budgeting for couples.