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Advance Child Tax Credit: Everything You Need to Know

Single father looking at his phone while his daughter looks onAttention all parents! The Child Tax Credit has been expanded for 2021 and the IRS will begin distributing advance payments starting July 15. We’ve gathered everything the IRS has said about these critical payments into one easy FAQ. Learn:

  • Who will qualify
  • How much you can receive
  • How to avoid delays

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A Debt Relief Guide for Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers face unique financial challenges, form overwhelming student loan debt, to dealing with paycuts and reduced hours during the pandemic. This guide is designed to help frontline workers get ahead of those financial challenges so they can achieve stability. Learn:

  • How to deal with your debt
  • What to do with hazard pay
  • Discounts that can help you save

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Debt Relief Guide for Retirees

Wait until full retirement age for a bigger checkDebt keeps people from retiring on time and makes it hard for retirees to enjoy their golden years without financial stress. This guide helps you find practical ways to reduce costs, including:

  • How to reduce housing costs
  • What to do about rising healthcare expenses
  • When to draw Social Security
  • Faster ways to pay off debt in retirement

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