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Find the latest personal finance and debt relief guides from These guides can help you find smart ways to manage your money based on your specific financial situation. If you’re facing challenges with debt and need help, call for a free evaluation.

MoneyGram Scam? Allegedly, Money Was Taken And Never Sent

MoneyGram Scam

Being one of the largest money order and electronic payment processors in the world, it’s concerning to hear about the alleged accusations brought upon MoneyGram. Though this is not the first of its kind. In this guide we’ll explain what is happening, what legal experts to users are saying and learn about safer options.

  • Understand the alleged scam
  • What people are saying
  • Safer alternative apps to use

How to Teach Kids About Money

MoneyGram Scam

It’s important to start money lessons for children early. But you can start small. You don’t have to go straight to addition and subtraction, or even costs. Below we’ll highlight several topics to teach your children at certain ages.

  • Introduce your kids to basic money concepts
  • Teaching kids how to manage money
  • Introducing financing, credit and income earning

Financial Knowledge for Those Immigrating to The U.S.

Finance and Credit for U.S. Immigrants

It’s no mystery how difficult it is to immigrate to a new country. From a new language to a new financial system, it can be overwhelming. In this guide, we clear up your financial concerns and help make your transition to a U.S. citizen effortless.

  • Learn American money vocabulary
  • Adapt to the U.S. credit system
  • Understand ID theft, the most common crime

Starting a Small Business When You Have Personal Debt

Small business startup team talks strategy

Getting a small business off the ground is challenging, especially if you have high levels of personal debt or bad credit. In this guide, we ask experts for their tips on how to finance a business while dealing with your own financial challenges.

  • Solutions for dealing with student loans and credit cards
  • The effects of personal credit scores on a business
  • Finding financing solutions that don’t tap personal assets

Getting Help with Emergency Rental Assistance

Emergency Rental Assistance

While Congress has allocated $46.5 billion in funds for emergency rental assistance, only about $5.1 billion has made it to renters who need it. This guide offers guidance on what renters can do to apply for the right programs, in the right way to get approved ASAP.

  • Find rental assistance programs in your area
  • Learn about nonprofit services that can assist you
  • Get tips on avoiding rental assistance scams

Getting Out of Debt in a Gig Economy

A gig economy graphic showing a woman managing business on her phone

Gig work offers freedom and flexibility, but it also presents some unique financial challenges, especially if you’re trying to manage debt. This guide covers how to deal with variable income, how to budget, pay off debt, and become successful as a gig worker. You’ll learn about:

  • Budgeting tools that are built for gig workers
  • How you may be able to apply for unemployment in 2021
  • How to manage the unique challenges with debt that come with gig work

Helping Government Workers Get Ahead of Furloughs and Debt

Government workers are worrying about debt, expenses, and retirement, which affects their productivity and quality of life. This guide goes over the unique issues and challenges faced by government workers as well as ways to overcome debt.

  • How to maintain good financial habits
  • Benefits offered by the government
  • Childcare, second incomes, TSP, and more

A Post-Pandemic Debt Relief Guide for Office Workers

Office Workers need to understand their options to pay debt

Office workers are worrying about debt, expenses, and retirement, which affects their productivity and quality of life. This guide goes over the benefits most workers can take advantage of, and why they should. Learn about:

  • Essential employee benefits offered by most companies
  • Easy ways to minimize childcare costs
  • Debt relief options that are ideal for office workers in different situations

Advance Child Tax Credit: Everything You Need to Know

Single father looking at his phone while his daughter looks on

Attention all parents! The Child Tax Credit has been expanded for 2021 and the IRS will begin distributing advance payments starting July 15. We’ve gathered everything the IRS has said about these critical payments into one easy FAQ. Learn:

  • Who will qualify
  • How much you can receive
  • How to avoid delays

A Debt Relief Guide for Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers face unique financial challenges, form overwhelming student loan debt, to dealing with paycuts and reduced hours during the pandemic. This guide is designed to help frontline workers get ahead of those financial challenges so they can achieve stability. Learn:

  • How to deal with your debt
  • What to do with hazard pay
  • Discounts that can help you save

Debt Relief Guide for Retirees

Wait until full retirement age for a bigger check

Debt keeps people from retiring on time and makes it hard for retirees to enjoy their golden years without financial stress. This guide helps you find practical ways to reduce costs, including:

  • How to reduce housing costs
  • What to do about rising healthcare expenses
  • When to draw Social Security
  • Faster ways to pay off debt in retirement