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Ryan Lochte #YourSecondChance Giveaway

Ryan Lochte Promotes – and Promotes Ryan Lochte

When recruited Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte to be our brand ambassador, we didn’t realize our mantra – “everyone deserves a second chance” – would make such a splash. But our readers voted between two TV commercials and chose this one, while major media covered the process. Encouraged by the popularity of our #YourSecondChance Giveaway, we’re doing it again. You’ll have a shot at winning our $1,000 drawing – which will go a long way to paying off some Olympic-sized debt!

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A little sacrifice can go just as far as hustle

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Weird Facts About Americans And Food

This week: What we eat, how we eat it, and what we feel guilty about.

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Renters Aren’t Buying Homes Because of Down Payment Woes

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Trump Can’t Ruin America

No matter what you think about Donald Trump, there are hard limits to how much he can reshape politics and the economy. Look no further than the crisis in Venezuela.

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Americans Agree with Research: They Aren’t Financially Literate

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Uncle Sam turns nasty with IRS debt collection practices

Want to Collect Debts for the IRS? The Bar Is Pretty Low

The IRS will use private debt collectors who have failed before, including one the federal government is already suing for ripping consumers off.

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Trump Is Stealing Your Internet Privacy

Deregulating for its own sake is incredibly stupid — but potentially profitable for internet companies and identity thieves.

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The Scholarship For Aggressive Scholarship Applicants will give you $500 simply for applying for other scholarships! Find out how it works and meet our past winners.

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20 Crazy Things Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You To Waste Money On

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Gilmore Girls and money

The 22 biggest money moments on Gilmore Girls

As Netflix prepares to release more Gilmore Girls, we take a look back at the sometimes hard-to-believe spending in the original show.

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