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When does your state’s sales tax holiday start? has the details you need to save on back-to-school shopping no matter where you live. Find out dates at a glance and click for details on what items are exempted, with a link back to each state’s official tax guidelines. Happy shopping!

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Student Debt Hurts Women More Than Men

Women are suffering from student loan debt at a higher rate than men, and this first-person account of drowning in debt shows it.

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More Millennials Are Saving in 401(k) Plans

Baby Boomers still lead in total participitation, but the youngest generation in the workforce leads growth in use over past five years.

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By the Numbers

4 Reasons Why Work Stinks

This week: If it wasn't for the paycheck, would we do this at all?

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How Well Does Your State Manage Money?

A close look at state balance sheets shows that "fiscally conservative" doesn't mean financially healthy — but neither does "lots of taxes."

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Broke Millennials Can’t Crawl Out from Financial Hole

Group had less help from parents, learned more on their own than their more successful counterparts.

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Warehouse cards are OK

BJ’s Has Its Own Credit Card. Is It Worth Having?

And how does it compare to Costco and Sam’s Club?

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Half the Internet Harvests Your Personal Data

And the companies that have it aren’t protecting it.

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cfpb helps you sue your bank again

Thanks to the CFPB, We Can Sue Banks Again

For years, credit card companies and banks have avoided class-action lawsuits by writing rules prohibiting them. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau just snapped those rules.

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Is It the CFPB Versus the Education Department?

Looks like Richard Cordray and Betsy DeVos are going to fight over student loan forgiveness.

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