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credit card rewards

Is There A Free Credit Card With Maximum Travel Points?

Yes, and it has an annual-fee cousin that's even better.

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Americans Wish They Saved More

Not saving enough for retirement is a bigger regret than taking on too much debt

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Lindsay from Notorious Debt

This “Money-Pit” Ruined Lindsay’s Finances

It left the Notorious D.E.B.T. writer and her husband hopelessly in debt — but they're making a comeback.

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irs flexible on tax payments

How Friendly Is The IRS? Will They Work With Us?

This week: A reader needs to rely on the kindness of the IRS. Believe it or not, that can work.

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Students Relying Less on Parents to Pay for College

 Facing higher costs, teens are relying more on scholarships, grants and their own savings.

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millennial with student loans

Student Loans: What America Doesn’t Know Is Killing Us

Most borrowers have no idea what they’ll owe in the future – or even how many years their loans are for

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Is Neil Gorsuch an anti-liberal villain like Scalia?

Neil Gorsuch Sides with Debt Collectors in His First Ruling

That sucks in the short-term, but it's good for consumers in the long-term.

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Special Reports
Howard Dvorkin on debt

It’s Financial Literacy Month. Give Yourself Some Credit! [VIDEO]

This month, answers all your questions – in under a minute.

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financial choice act

Where Does Trump Stand on Financial Reform?

He wants the CFPB gutted, but also is "looking at" busting up big banks.

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Student Loans: Too Big to Fail? Or Too Much to Succeed?

The "student loan crisis" is so massive, we can't even comprehend it anymore.

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Special Reports
Saving in 30

How to save big in just a few seconds [VIDEO]

Saving money doesn't have to be hard. Learn how in just 30 seconds a day and make your new year's resolution come true.

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