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Mario Started His Blog to Keep Himself Financially Accountable

It helped him adjust his lifestyle, pay off more debt and save for an emergency fund.

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CFPB Wants Credit Card Offers to be More Transparent

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is asking retail credit card companies to end deferred interest card offers since many consumers don't actually know what that means.

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preowned car

Will Bankruptcy Keep Me From Buying A Car?

A reader went bankrupt, and now years later, she needs a new set of wheels.

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CFPB Says Low-Income Americans Are ‘Credit Invisible’

Low-income consumers are 240 percent more likely to start their credit history with negative records, like a debt collection.

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u.s. teens fail financial literacy

U.S. Students Score Below Average on Worldwide Financial Literacy Test

The test on basic money knowledge has been administered twice — and Americans failed it both times

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Around the web

This Week Around The Web

Dirty jobs, debt, bikes and baked beans, money management and more.

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Trump and the Congressional Review Act

Time’s Up on Trump’s Undo Button

the law he used to cancel last-minute Obama regulations won't prevent changes to prepaid cards and other improvements.

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Is Neil Gorsuch an anti-liberal villain like Scalia?

Neil Gorsuch Sides with Debt Collectors in His First Ruling

That sucks in the short-term, but it's good for consumers in the long-term.

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financial choice act

Where Does Trump Stand on Financial Reform?

He wants the CFPB gutted, but also is "looking at" busting up big banks.

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