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When does your state’s sales tax holiday start? has the details you need to save on back-to-school shopping no matter where you live. Find out dates at a glance and click for details on what items are exempted, with a link back to each state’s official tax guidelines. Happy shopping!

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Baby Boomers leave the best tips.

Baby Boomers Tip The Best Among All Generations

Northeasterners, Republicans, and men also leave more money on average.

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Lauren from Financial Best Life talks about shopping addiction

Lauren Went on a “Spending Freeze” to Pay Off $8,000

The debt she accrued wasn't her fault this time, but it was her responsibility.

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Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore

Why Does Hate President Trump?

A reader is mad, but is his anger misplaced?

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Used cars lined up on an auto dealership car lot, waiting for car buying financed through auto loans

Older Used Cars Are Stolen More Than Newer Models

Hondas, plus Ford and Chevy pickups are the favorite vehicles of thieves

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Around the web

This Week Around The Web

Bad spending habits, saving on groceries, financial independence and more

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Find credit cards with the best rewards program.

The Worst Rewards Credit Card EVER?

If the Kroger '1-2-3 Rewards Card' isn't the worst, it's close.

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Banking regulator nominees Joseph Otting and Randy Quarles shake hands with Donald Trump (illustrated)

I Agree With Trump’s Top Banking Regulators

The biggest risk to the economy is this $1.3 trillion consumer debt — which Trump is doing nothing about

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Betsy DeVos looks at a classroom of lawyers (illustrated)

18 States Say Betsy DeVos Is a Failure

The education secretary is being sued for siding with for-profit schools over students. But at least she's learning from her mistakes.

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Man walks along a political fork in the road (illustration)

3 Financial Ideas Democrats Hope Will Win Back Congress

Democrats want to offer "A Better Deal," but they'll have to win a lot of seats first.

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