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Good credit is essential. You qualify for loans and credit cards at the best rates and terms, saving money and making it easier to manage debt. But if you’ve faced financial challenges, your credit score may not be where you want it. The good news is that with the right tools and services, you can take action to fix your credit. And it often takes less time than you might think.

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Welcome to’s credit help center. Here you can find solutions and services to achieve a great credit score. Good credit is crucial to reach key financial goals. But if you’re new to credit or you’ve had trouble with debt in the past, you may struggle to get approved for credit or loans at the best rates.

In this section, you’ll learn how to review and repair your credit by disputing mistakes and discrepancies in your credit report. We hope you can use the information and services available to build a better credit profile.

We are A-plus rated by the Better Business Bureau and have helped thousands of people become financially stable. To get started, fill out a form or, better yet, give us a call right now and we’ll match you with the right service provide, so you can get the credit you deserve.

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Let match you with the right tools and services to fix your credit fast.

Video Transcript

Money in a minute. What is credit repair? Credit repair is a lot like auto repair. Your car breaks down, you bring it to the shop to change worn parts and clogged filters. Just like your car, your credit can run rough after it can gather mistakes that can sit to it. Maybe, a debt you never rang up, maybe someone with a similar name never paid their bills and it inventeranly got attached to your credit card. That happens more than you might think. The federal government estimates that 1 in 5 Americans have a mistake on at least one of their credit reports. That’s right, that’s more than one credit report. Each of the big three credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, has one with your name on it. And you can get your report free once a year and dispute any errors. Learn how on and get your credit firing on all cylinders once again.

What is Credit Repair and Why Do You Need It?

While you might trust the credit bureaus to maintain accurate information in your credit reports, sadly, errors happen. Mistakes on your credit report can decrease your score, leading to rejected loans and higher interest rates. It’s up to you to take steps to keep your credit running smoothly. That’s where credit repair comes in.

Mapping America’s Credit

New technology is making it easier than ever to review new information in your credit report and track changes your score. That may explain why the average American FICO credit score has been above 700 (714 in 2022) since 2017. But that same technologic convenience also places you at higher risk of identity theft. Research shows that the number of threats from data breaches to hacks are increasing almost daily.

TAKE ACTION TO IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT TODAY has solutions that can help you raise your credit score in the next 30 days. Talk to a specialist to find the right credit services for your needs.

Have Questions about Your Credit?’s panel of credit experts is here to answer any questions you have about how to achieve the good credit score you need. Whether you’re wondering about credit repair, want to know how to spot credit scams or you just need advice on how to avoid hurting your FICO score, we can help. These are some of our most popular questions about credit. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just hit the “Ask a Question” button below to ask our experts directly.

STILL NOT SURE WHERE TO START TO FIX YOUR CREDIT? WE CAN HELP! can match you with accredited credit repair companies to help you start working towards a better credit score quickly. Clean up your credit report so you can start building credit today.

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