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Learn how to buy, lease, refinance, and manage auto loan debt effectively.

As debt goes, auto loans tend to be much less of a hassle than other debts like credit cards and student loans. But you still want to put as much thought and consideration into a car or truck purchase as possible, especially if you’ll be financing the purchase. That way, you can ensure every vehicle you buy will fit your budget and auto loan debt won’t become a problem down the road.

The guides below can help you understand every aspect of the car buying process. You can learn how to get the best auto loan for your needs and budget. You’ll also get helpful information to compare leasing versus buying, and details on how to refinance the right way.

Car Buying Guides

How to Buy a Car

Before you browse down a row of cars, learn how to buy a car and negotiate the best dealThis guide covers all the basic steps you need to take to buy a car or truck in a way that works for your budget.
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Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car at a used car dealershipBuying a used car can help you save some serious cash. But you need to take the right steps to save.
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The Best Time to Buy

Before you walk down a line of cars at a dealership, know the best time to buy a carThere are good times and bad times of the year and the month to buy a car. Learn the right time to buy.
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Saving Up for a Car

How to save up for a car so you can shop for your dream carSetting a plan for your next car purchase can help you save money to minimize auto loan debt.
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Buying with Bad Credit

You can get the keys to a new car even if you have bad creditBad credit won’t hold you back from buying a car, but it could lead to a bad loan if you’re not careful.
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Lemon Laws

A lemon vehicle stuck in the middle of traffic with a magnifying glass enhancing the lemon between all the standard vehiclesLemon laws protect you from buying a vehicle with major defects. Learn what do to if you have a lemon.
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Auto Loan Guides

Auto Loans

African American couple sitting down and signing an auto loan with their dealer at the dealershipGetting the right auto loan can help you save. Learn how to choose the best financing option.
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Auto Loan Refinancing

Discover the value of auto loan refinancingRefinancing an auto loan can help you save money on interest charges and lower your monthly payments.
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Leasing Guides

Leasing vs Buying

Learn how to buy a car before you start shopping at a car dealershipThis guide helps you understand how to compare leasing versus buying so you can choose the best option.
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Lease Buyout

African American man signing car lease buyout contractIf you’ve fallen in love with your leased vehicle, learn what you need to know about buying out a lease.
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