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Debt.com has been helping Americans for over 10 years. We have helped over 3 million people get out of more than $12 billion of debt! We offer accurate and trusted information on professional debt solutions. We match people who are looking for debt help to solution providers with proven track records who sign our Code of Ethics.

Every reader is entitled to information that is clear and not misleading. Our editorial team breakdowns complex money topics in a concise straightforward manner. Our fact-checked articles and guides follow our editorial guidelines and are honest and accurate. Our goal is to make exploring debt relief options simple and safe.

Collectively, our staff of CPAs, certified financial counselors and debt specialists have more than a century of experience in the personal finance field. Debt.com is designed for anyone who wishes to have a sound financial future, who wants to get out of debt or stay out of debt. We are here to help you “when life happens.”

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Debt.com reaches millions of Americans providing expert advice for getting out – and staying out – of debt. Our expert counsel coupled with useful calculators and video education makes understanding money easy and entertaining. While some education aims to sell products, we aim to help Americans find the best solutions to their money issues.

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Our one-stop shop makes exploring options simple and safe. We match people seeking debt solutions with proven companies they can trust. How can they trust them? Those companies sign our Code of EthicsCode of Ethics Link, and we constantly monitor our clients’ satisfaction.

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Do your clients or readers need an easy way to connect with the right debt solutions? At Debt.com we’re experts at helping people explore, identify and invest in personal finance solutions for their needs. Let us do the same for your client base and readers. Put the right solutions in front of your audience at the right time.

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Howard Dvorkin

Howard Dvorkin

Founder and Chairman

Howard is a CPA, serial entrepreneur, a two-time author, personal finance contributor to Forbes and Entrepreneur.com, and is the Chairman of Debt.com. His success has allowed him to be interviewed by media outlets such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Bloomberg, and virtually every newspaper and TV network in the country. Howard has played an instrumental role in drafting both State and Federal Legislation and is a former consultant to the Board of Directors for the Association of Credit Counseling Professionals as well as the past president of the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies.

Howard’s passion for entrepreneurial enterprise is only matched by his dedication to giving back to the community. His commitment hit a pinnacle following the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in his hometown of Parkland, FL. In response he created Parkland Cares, which provides funding to non-profit mental health organizations as well as serves as a centralized resource to help people get connected with crisis counseling, intervention services, short- and long-term therapy, trauma counseling and more.

Howard graduated from the University of Miami with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from American University. He is currently listed in the Marquis Who’s Who in the Finance Industry and is part of the premier group of CPAs that are recognized with the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation.

Don Silvestri

Don Silvestri


Don has two decades of experience as a senior executive overseeing all areas of marketing, sales, strategic planning, business and product development.

Don ensures that Debt.com is fulfilling its mission of assisting consumers in managing and resolving their debts, providing education and advocacy, and promoting fair and ethical practices within the industry. One main objective is to build alliances and partnerships for Debt.com. He is a passionate and committed leader who is dedicated to helping consumers manage their finances and achieve financial stability. He works tirelessly to promote fair and ethical practices within the industry, and advocates for policies and programs that support the needs of consumers.

Prior to his business life, Don played for NFL teams including the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills and Seattle Seahawks. He holds dual degrees in Marketing and Business Administration from the University of Pittsburgh, where he was an Academic All-American. The Pitt Varsity Letter Club named Don a 2021 Awardee of Distinction, and he was recognized as a Foster Care/Social Services Hero in September 2021 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Patrick Devine

Patrick Devine

Chief Financial Officer

Patrick is a CPA and finance executive with a proven track record of productive cross functional partnerships delivering results by helping companies transform and grow. He’s worked with ‘big four’ public accounting firms and private equity firms, as well as family-owned agencies. Some of his more recent accomplishments include bringing TTC Healthcare from a private company to a publicly traded corporation and developing the strategic foundation which helped them grow annual revenue by more than 50 percent post COVID.

He uses his 20 years of experience analyzing companies to evaluate the people behind them and grow companies starting with culture and operational structure. Patrick has delivered winning corporate strategies since the days when he began his career at the auditing group, Price Waterhouse Coopers. It’s Patrick’s goal to bring that kind of growth and efficiency to Debt.com. Understanding the people within the company is his favorite part of the job. It gives him a greater understanding of the moving parts within each department. “To succeed, it’s really looking at the people within the company and saying, ‘these people embody what Debt.com is.’ What qualities do those people have that makes them special? We want to unify them across the board.” Patrick says.

Patrick is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

Jon Noble

Jon Noble

Chief Marketing Officer

Jon is a seasoned marketing executive focusing on the personal finance and debt industries. He oversees all marketing activities throughout Debt.com. His strong understanding of brand development, sales management, and customer service has allowed Debt.com to become one of the leading organizations in the debt relief industry.

Jon is a Veteran of the United States Air Force and after his service ended, he worked in the bankruptcy industry. He counseled hundreds of Californians in the “bankruptcy capital of the world.” One of his clients was a couple who were both doctors in Malibu and they charged up more than $100,000 on credit cards.

In the 1990’s there were only two debt solution options: bankruptcy and credit counseling. The major problem Jon saw was this couple earned and owned too much for either solution to make sense. That’s when he started making calls to the client’s credit card companies asking them to settle for less than they owed. Jon became one of the first proponents of a new industry called debt settlement.

He felt there was a real need for consumers where it mathematically made sense for the debt they owe and amount they could pay. But like many other financial services, there was many of what he calls “opportunistic posers.”

Jon has always felt it was best to help his clients get the services they actually need.

“I come across advertisers, who promise people services they don’t deliver on. That’s not us,” he says. “These are real people who need real help. This is impacting them financially. It’s better when we give them what’s in their best interest.”

Guillermo Wolf

Guillermo Wolf

Marketing Director

Guillermo oversees Debt.com’s digital advertising efforts to drive sales and build brand awareness. This includes developing marketing plans for both the English and Spanish U.S. markets. He has worked in digital marketing for over twenty years.

Before this, Guillermo opened a digital marketing agency in his home country of Venezuela, where he was a pioneer in the industry. Guillermo had some big clients like Bridgestone-Firestone and Chrysler in Venezuela, and helped other non-profit organizations.

Guillermo left for the United States in 2002 and was hired by Debt.com in 2015. He developed online sales and branding strategies for the United States Hispanic market. He also brought with him a critical point of view, that of a debt management client. Guillermo paid off $23,000 of credit card debt with one of Debt.com’s programs.

Guillermo still relishes the feeling of being debt-free. He comes to work every day eager to help clients just like himself. “I identify myself with the purpose of this company,” Wolf says. “The program really works. I recommend it to family members and friends. Everyone deserves financial freedom.”

Amy Myers

Amy Myers

Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

As the Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for Debt.com, Amy is committed to building relationships with companies that have a proven track record in generating referrals in the debt space.

From 2014 to 2018, she oversaw day-to-day operations for Ovation Credit Services. She grew the company in both size and revenue, which was one reason LendingTree acquired the company in 2018.

It was over those years that Amy worked closely with Debt.com, coordinating the mutually beneficial working relationships in the loan and debt sector. After LendingTree’s acquisition, she shifted away from day-to-day operations and into building new strategic partnerships and nurturing current partnerships.

Today, she spearheads recruiting firms that may benefit from adding debt solutions to their organizations. Her goal is to help Americans get on track to reach their financial goals. Organizations that are looking for high quality debt solutions should reach out to Amy to see how you can work together.

“It’s exciting,” Myers says. “I’m a process-driven person who finds personal satisfaction in this industry. Helping people achieve their life dreams has actually been a dream of mine. So, this is a perfect fit.”

Amy is also a mom, wife, sister, passionate friend and a strong, determined businesswoman. She is proud to say she’s a founding member in the greatest tribe out there: #LinkUnite. She appreciates the women in this group for their leadership, mentorship, friendship, and comradery.

Amy is a graduate of the University of North Florida and holds certifications from SHRM, the Society of Human Resource Management and the HR Certification Institute. As a certified Human Resources professional, Amy has helped grow business through recruiting, training, payroll management and HR compliance skills.

Dexter Weatherly

Dexter Weatherly

Vice President of Business Development

Dexter is uniquely positioned to help Americans get out of debt. That’s because he used to help them get into debt.

Over the last decade, Dexter worked with some of the largest lending companies in the country. The experience gives him the ability to easily distinguish the “good actors from the bad ones.”

As the VP of Business Development, Dexter doesn’t just partner Debt.com with other businesses – he turns down many. Dexter analyzes current trends in the debt industry. He focuses on Debt.com’s customers first and aligns with the right industry players who meet their needs.

“Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad actors in our industry. Many businesses don’t realize that they can be legally liable for referring customers if information is misrepresented,” Dexter says. “When dealing with us, our partners get the best of all worlds. We can handle large volumes while making sure everyone is treated fairly. Our goal is to build long term relationships that allow us and our partners to grow together.”

Before moving to South Florida, Dexter called Georgia the “Peach State” home. Long before going into sales and business development, Dexter worked in the restaurant industry.

As a graduate in culinary arts from the New England Institute of Technology, Dexter turned his focus on opening restaurants and catering businesses. He says those skills have evolved into the career he works in today.

Shannell Martin

Shannell Martin

Director of Affiliate Marketing

As Director of Affiliate Marketing, Shannell studies market trends and developments in the personal finance sector. She analyzes, plans, executes and evaluates potential and existing affiliate marketing activities and strategies. She works closely with the internal technical team to ensure that appropriate metrics are in place to measure performance and progress towards strategic goals.

Shannell was introduced to the world of credit and debt when she was in her early twenties. She said she was “slapped in the face in a good way” when she was turned down for buying an Acura ILX.

At the time, her credit score was 490 and she admits to not even knowing what a credit score was. She accrued $12,000 in credit card debt using 11 different retail store credit cards. It was then she decided she never wanted to be denied again. She joined a debt settlement program and after three years, she paid down her debt and fixed her credit.

Shannell wishes she found resources for her debt problem sooner. As a former medical professional and mentor at the Big Brothers Big Sister Club of Broward County, she brings a level of empathy and compassion to her work at Debt.com. “What I love about this industry is that I’m able to help people with one of the most important aspects of their lives.”

Michael Koretzky

Michael Koretzky


Michael is the former editor of Money Talks News and a publisher with the Tribune Media Company. As a professional journalist since 1989, Michael has covered a Democratic and Republican national convention, a couple of Space Shuttle launches, and music festivals in Istanbul and the Cayman Islands. What did they have in common? At some level, they were all about money.

Now he’s a PFE-certified debt management professional who’s cut out the middleman and writes about money for a living. Sometimes this means explaining the difference between DTI and DMP. Other times, it means writing about student loan memes.

Joe Pye

Joe Pye

Managing Editor

Joe started writing about debt and personal finance six years ago while attending Florida Atlantic University, where he served as Editor-in-Chief of the student-run newspaper, the University Press.

Before graduating with a bachelor's degree in multimedia journalism, Joe placed as a finalist for the Mark of Excellence award by the Society of Professional Journalists Region 3 for feature writing and in-depth reporting. In 2021, Joe earned First Place in the Green Eyeshade awards for “Best Blog” for his side-project BrowardBeer.com.

Joe took a full-time position as an associate editor at Debt.com in 2018 but has since been promoted to Managing Editor.

During his tenure, Joe has become a certified debt management professional who's applied what he's learned to his personal life by paying down more than $22,000 worth of combined credit card, student loan, auto and tax debt in less than two years.

The Debt.com Staff

The Team

The Debt.com team is made up of some of the industries most talented marketers, designers, programmers, communicators, writers and financial experts. Our team has a passion for getting Americans out of debt, and we are committed to helping people create a lifestyle on a solid financial ground. We are committed to diversity and cultivating a fun working environment where we are continually learning and growing. Our headquarters is located in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The Debt.com Staff
The Debt.com Staff
The Debt.com Staff

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