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Our Story

What does… offers daily expert advice about money – how to make it, how to save it, and how to spend it. We even tell you how to go into debt the right way. (What do you think a mortgage and a car loan are?)
But if you want to get out of debt, has partnered with highly rated companies that can help. When you tell us your circumstances (and we tenaciously protect your personal information) we act like a dating service for debt. We introduce you to the perfect debt-solution company for you, and we make sure you’re happy with the results.

How we’re different…

Lot of websites offer financial advice. Some are good. (We partner with them, too.) Some aren’t. But very few offer you immediate solutions to your problems. And those that do are often run by a single company. Instead, partners with many companies. Why? Because whether it’s socks, dinner, or debt, one size never fits all.

Who we are…’s staff consists of business journalists, financial experts, and certified credit counselors. Collectively, they have more than a century of experience in the personal finance field. They don’t get paid anything extra if you speak with one of’s debt-solution partners. So the advice they give is always their own, and always honest.