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Meet’s Writers

Get to know the expert writers behind your favorite articles.

At we have writers who are Certified Public Accounts, Certified Debt Management Professionals through the Partnership for Finance Education, Personal Finance Authors, Tax Professionals, Credit Repair Experts and more. Our goal is to have specialists and authorities writing the most relevant content to help you manage your financial life.

Remember, some “expert advice” out there may not really be very “expert.” Even worse, the wrong financial advice can cost you money instead of help you save it. is different.

Here are our regular contributors…

Howard Dvorkin, CPA

Chairman & Personal Finance Expert

Howard Dvorkin is’s chairman. He’s a CPA, author of two personal finance books, and founder of half a dozen companies designed to help Americans get out of debt. 


Michael Koretzky


Michael Koretzky has been editor of since 2013 and a PFE-certified debt management professional since 2015.


Joe Pye

Managing Editor

Joe Pye is’s managing editor and a PFE-certified debt management professional. As a journalist, he’s covered personal debt since 2016.


Gerri Detweiler

Consumer & Small Business Finance Expert

Gerri Detweiler has been a credit expert for two decades, appearing on The Today Show and Dateline NBC and authoring or co-authoring six personal finance books


Jacob Dayan

Expert contributor

Jacob Dayan is co-founder Community Tax LLC, a full-service tax company that has helped  more than 60,000 clients resolve more than $400 million in tax liabilities since 2010.


Roxanne Grant

Personal Finance Reporter

Roxanne Grant is a staff writer and an Emmy-nominated educational scriptwriter and show host.