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Credit Card Debt Negotiation

Credit card debt can be extremely stressful. In the fourth quarter of 2018, the average American held more than $8,788 in credit card debt, according to a recent WalletHub study[1]. And the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s research[2] indicates that that number is likely to keep growing. When numbers reach that high, or even higher, it […]

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Back Taxes: End Your Challenges with Unpaid Tax Debt

What are back taxes? Back taxes are any taxes that you owe that remain unpaid after the year that they are due. Basically, if you let an entire filing year go by without paying the IRS what you owe, it’s considered “back taxes.” It’s important to note that even taxes you don’t pay within a […]

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Tax Debt Consolidation

When you want to consolidate unpaid tax debt from multiple years into a single repayment plan, you typically use an installment agreement (IA). We explain how this differs from credit card and student loan consolidation and how it works.

1040 Tax Form with Refund Check and Cash

Commons Tax Questions about Filing and IRS Back Taxes

This page provides answers to the most common tax questions we receive. All answers are provided by’s resident tax expert, Jacob Dayan. If you still have questions, head over to our Ask the Expert section to get the answer you need. Please note: If you’re having trouble with your taxes, almost every situation is […]