credit and debt relief in the form of a broken staircase
Side Hustle Extra Additional Income Puzzle Piece 3d Illustration

Finding the Best Side Hustles 

The average full-time worker in America earns $47,216 annually [1], and for many, it’s not enough to live on. Consequently, people resort to using credit to get by and stay on top of their expenses, but that can lead to challenges with debt. A practical solution to not earning enough is increasing your income, but […]

Illustration of students looking to Sponsor Change vanishing.

The Strange Disappearance of SponsorChange

For years, the media touted a “nonprofit” that promised to help college graduates volunteer their way out of student loan debt. Except it wasn’t a nonprofit, and there’s no proof it helped anyone. Now SponsorChange has disappeared and the media is silent. What happened? And why does its founder insist it’s coming back soon?