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Here’s Why Prenups Are Actually Romantic



The first words I published on were about prenuptial agreements. They’ll probably be the last words I utter on my deathbed. With my dying breath, I’ll probably encourage women to at least think about saying “I do” to a prenup!

I’ve previously written that a prenup can “keep things romantic.” But a poll shows most Americans don’t agree with me. A law firm called LegalShield asked more than 2,300 adults how they feel about prenups. More than 6 in 10 were “agnostic to or disagreed that having a prenuptial agreement is important to have before getting married.”

In my experience as an insurance agent and financial counselor for three decades, most couples poo-poo prenups as a cynical way to start a marriage. But the LegalShield poll revealed a weird financial objection: “36% of women never even considered a prenup because they don’t believe their income level is high enough.”

Don’t believe that. Trust me on this one.

I’ve been divorced twice – and the second time, I had to pay alimony to my husband. Don’t sell yourself short, ladies. Just because you’re not earning a lot right now doesn’t mean you won’t be rolling in it later. You should plan for success, and a prenup is just such a plan.

By the way, this is why prenups are actually romantic. Sure, you and your significant other are talking about splitting up assets in the awful event you split up. But you’re also talking about the future, and how lucrative it can be for the both of you. And that’s sexy. As for romance, nothing settles your nerves about the future quite like considering the worst-case scenario.

Besides the cynicism of prenups, another concern is the cost.

“On average, a prenuptial agreement can cost $1,000 to a few thousand dollars to have drafted by a lawyer,” the LegalShield survey showed. But that’s for couples with a lot of money, property, investments, and other assets. For most of us, we can get a complete prenup done online – through Legal Zoom, Rocket Lawyer, or even a website called Hello Prenup, which was featured on Shark Tank.

At this point, there’s literally no reason not to get a prenup.

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