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$1.1 billion

How much Americans spent on “Christmas tree ornaments from China,” according to the U.S. Census. Seems 92 percent of all ornaments are made in China, an officially atheistic Communist country that’s mostly Buddhist and Islamic — and therefore doesn’t celebrate Christmas.


Estimated “serious injuries” caused by holiday driving this year, according to the National Safety Council. Another 678 will likely have died. (These are estimates because it takes time to count all the bodies. What a fun job that must be.)

40 percent

How much of the nation’s total liquor sales occur “in the fourth quarter during the holidays,” according SLI Systems. By the way, the No. 1 “holiday liquor” is whiskey. Talk about a holiday hangover.

20.2 percent

Americans who “secretly return unwanted gifts” after the holidays, according to TD Bank. Another 18.9 percent re-gift, but 16 are really clever: “They keep the gifts to display when the gift-giver visits.”


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