Joe Pye

Joe Pye

Joe Pye is a freelancer for and will be the editor in chief of the Florida Atlantic University school newspaper in fall 2017. He graduated from FAU with a bachelor’s degree in multimedia journalism.

A young black millennial woman fills out a job application

Black Millennial Women Can’t Get a Break in The Job Market

October 27, 2017

Unemployment rates of black women today are nearly double the national average of all women 10 years ago.

Guy calling his car insurance company after a car accident

Americans Overlook Car Insurance Savings

October 9, 2017

They complain about the cost, then do nothing to lower it.

Man and woman sit on the couch looking at a bill and dealing with money fears

Men And Women Have Different Money Fears

September 21, 2017

Guess who’s afraid of never being able to retire? And who fears living paycheck to paycheck?

Three millennial guys at a bar talking about money in relationships

Millennials Talk About Money More Than You’d Think

September 18, 2017

And the more they talk, the happier they are

A millennial who is broke shows off his empty pockets

Stuck in a Rut: Some Millennials Will Always Be Broke

September 12, 2017

Millennials with lower credit scores struggle to make ends meet.

A millennial woman explains credit to her peers

Millennial Women Know Credit More Than Male Peers

September 6, 2017

They’re also more likely to want to learn about credit.

negotiate your credit card debt

Millennials Are Most on Top of Their Credit

September 1, 2017

They keep a closer eye on it than any other generation.

Millennials and money: Financial fears have them stressing at work and beyond

Millennials Are in Fear of Their Finances — Especially Debt

August 29, 2017

They’re worried about money more than their jobs and relationships

Millennials are working side jobs.

Millennials Most Likely to Have Side Jobs

August 24, 2017

But even with those, they can’t keep up with older generations

How millennials think about retirement while relaxing at home

Millennials Would Rather Save for Retirement Than Raise a Family

August 18, 2017

They’re the furthest from retirement, but it’s still one of their main goals.

A young woman who is in the dark about group insurance

Americans In The Dark About Group Insurance

August 17, 2017

They aren’t aware their employers offer insurance for costs unrelated to healthcare.

Americans paying for college

Americans Are Getting Better at Paying For College

August 14, 2017

For the first time in a decade, scholarships and grants cover a third of college costs.

Dollar sign with life saver in ocean

Americans Are Finally Saving For Emergencies

August 9, 2017

The number of Americans without an emergency fund is at a six-year low.

A pile of textbooks

Who Are Counterfeit Textbooks Really Cheating?

August 8, 2017

After tuition, textbooks are one of the biggest college expenses. One company is trying to stop students from seeking other options.

A woman with defensive body language in a job interview

Better Body Language Can Land You A Job

August 8, 2017

Make eye contact, but not too much.


Being Polite Can Save You Money

August 4, 2017

No really, there’s a report that says so.

A young woman talks on her smartphone while sitting in front of a laptop in the home office space of her apartment

We Don’t Know What To Wear To Work

July 24, 2017

And our company dress code policy isn’t helping.

Buisnessman looks out of window while contemplating financial wellness

Executives Won’t Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are

July 18, 2017

Bosses know financial anxiety wears their workers thin, but most haven’t stepped up to help.

same-sex wedding

Same-Sex Weddings Are Getting More Expensive

July 13, 2017

LGBT couples spend less on weddings than heterosexual couples.

Image of man underwater using his cell phone while on vacation, oblivious to wi-fi security threats

Wi-Fi Warning: Unplug While on Vacation

July 12, 2017

Connecting to unsecure Wi-Fi leaves you open to hacking.

A Baby Boomer business woman sits in a corner office, examining a computer screen

Americans Hope They Can Work in Retirement

July 11, 2017

And that’s a good thing, since we aren’t saving enough anyway.

millionaires and the middle class

Middle-Class Misery Isn’t Trump’s Fault

July 4, 2017

What exactly does it mean to be “middle class”? An intriguing new study didn’t bother to find out. It simply asked people if they think they’re middle class. Almost half (49 percent) did. Yet middle class doesn’t mean content. According to marketing firm Mintel, less than a third of these self-proclaimed middle-classers “are satisfied with […]

Person buried by bills and debt holds up a sign asking for help

Plot Twist: Millennials Want to Pay Their Own Bills

June 30, 2017

They believe they should cover their expenses at an earlier age – despite the fact that they still live at home.

Millennial using his cell phone at the train station believes that retirement sucks

Millennials Aren’t Interested In Retiring

June 26, 2017

They’re out-saving Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, not to retire — but to work their dream jobs and travel.

Vacation doctor says: vacations are sexy

Americans Can’t Stop Working – And Vacationing Won’t Help

June 23, 2017

Workplace burnout is up, yet vacations are just as stressful.

millennial with student loans

Student Loans: What America Doesn’t Know Is Killing Us

June 20, 2017

Most borrowers have no idea what they’ll owe in the future – or even how many years their loans are for

Paying credit card debt with your 401k could delay retirement significantly

We Grade Our Retirement Plans On a Curve

June 19, 2017

Americans give themselves a passing grade on saving for retirement, but most are failing.

A young hipster man sits at his apartment kitchen table, pouring over his budget and finances with calculator in hand

Millennials Out-Save Older Generations

June 16, 2017

They are more conservative with their money at younger ages than previous generations

What if I stopped paying my credit cards?

Middle Class Millennials Struggle With Employment

June 13, 2017

Having a credit score under 700 is related to difficulties holding onto jobs and living on your own.

How to Avoid Identity Theft

We Make Identity Theft Too Easy

June 9, 2017

More than half of Americans have been, or know, a victim of identity theft. They still barely protect themselves.

moving back in with parents

College Grads Moving Back To Mom’s And Dad’s

June 6, 2017

College graduates value their degrees even though they can’t afford to live on their own.

biggest regrets of college students

College Seniors Struggle To Pick Careers

June 2, 2017

One reason: They focus too much on class and not enough on what else colleges offer.

Technology put the world in your hands, but it comes with a range of risks, from personal hacking to business identity theft

Banks At Highest Risk For Hack

May 30, 2017

Experts say it’s likely that multiple companies will be hacked at same time this year.

Woman shaking hands with man at a meeting possibly made her career choice based on a movie or TV show

Competing For College Grads

May 26, 2017

Job growth is up, and companies are hiring recent college graduates for higher pay this year.

Banking apps may be better than you think.

Baby Boomers Really Love Smartphones

May 23, 2017

They are more willing to give up financial stability for smartphones, than younger generations.

how to avoid financial stress

High Debt Gives Us High Anxiety

May 19, 2017

Most Americans don’t have a plan to deal with an average debt of $37,000.

Nomad Work Concept Image Computer Coffee Mug and Telephone on black wood Table and Evening Sunlight shining throw large windows focus on Edge of Laptop

Working on the Weekend

May 16, 2017

Almost three quarters of Americans put in a full day of work over the weekend every month.

Live without a car

Millennials Figure Out The Housing Market

April 25, 2017

They don’t believe in the “American Dream,” but want to move on with adulthood. Illustration by Ivan Benavides: Smartphone app to order delivery service from a marijuana dispensary

Bud On A Budget: Buyer Beware

April 20, 2017

If you search online for the best marijuana for your money, here’s a dirty little secret about the biggest pot websites.

live comfortably in Miami

We Can’t Afford to Live in Most Major Cities

April 18, 2017

Miami, Florida is the number one city in America where people struggle to live comfortably, but the median income isn’t high enough in 80 percent of our biggest cities.

millennials in debt

Millennials Act Strange Around Tax Season

April 14, 2017

They finish their taxes early and save their refunds out of fear of messing up.

student loans

Student Loans Make Millennials Desperate

April 11, 2017

Nearly 90 percent of young employees would commit to an employer for 5 years – if it helped them pay back their debt.

Woman shaking hands with man at a meeting possibly made her career choice based on a movie or TV show

Can’t Pick a Career? TV Can Help

April 7, 2017

Research shows nearly 25 percent of high school students pick their career based on something they saw on TV or in a movie.

private school tuition

When It Comes To Private School, We Don’t Mind The Costs

April 4, 2017

Tuition increases don’t affect school enrollment – if anything, they make schools seem more valuable.

April Fool's and money

Americans Pay To Prank On April Fools Day

March 31, 2017

Almost half of pranksters say they will pay money to pull off their jokes.

Millennials can't save? Not true

Educated And Employed

March 28, 2017

2017 shows the highest hiring rates for entry level jobs in 15 years.

Millennials and money: Financial fears have them stressing at work and beyond

Americans Dread Tax Season

March 24, 2017

Most of us are confident we can file our taxes, but we hate doing it.

credit score and your cellphone

What Does Your Cellphone Say About Your Credit Score?

March 21, 2017

Users with Apple products have higher FICO ratings than other smartphone companies.

netflix subscription

Netflix Is More Valuable Than Cable TV

March 17, 2017

Almost half of cable subscribers feel it isn’t worth the money.

gen z student

The Rudest Generation

March 10, 2017

Generation Z makes millennials look like saints — but they’re the most likely to reach out to businesses.