honors the best financial advice on TikTok

If you take financial advice only from TikTok, you’ll go broke, says chairman Howard Dvorkin.

“Most of what I see are costly suggestions from entertaining amateurs,” says Dvorkin, a CPA and author of two books on personal finance. “ has previously documented some of the silliest advice – like investing in laundromats and car washes. It’s fun to watch but dangerous to listen to.”

Yet more than 3 in 10 Gen Zers rely on TikTok (and YouTube) for their financial advice. So to celebrate the 10th anniversary of, Dvorkin decided to recognize the TikTokers who can actually help you achieve financial freedom.

VOTE NOW’s staff of certified financial counselors reviewed hundreds of TikTok accounts and shortlisted the best advice we could find. Below are five categories with three nominees each – and we need your help picking a winner in those categories.

Your vote should be determined by balance: Good advice in the form of good content.

Voting closes on Friday, May 26th, 2023.

Contest winners will be announced on Wednesday, May 31st, 2023.


Best Personal Finance Advice

This is our catch-all all-star category for those FinTokers who teach a wide range of sound savings and spending tips.
This is the nuclear option of debt, so it’s never an easy decision.


Best Financial Advice for 30 and Under

Are younger Americans learning real financial advice or just watching silly, short videos? This category is aimed at awarding the FinTokers who deliver the best information to its core audience.


Best Hispanic-Focused Money Advice

According to the 2019 Survey of Consumer Finances, the average net worth of a Hispanic household was reported to be nearly five times less than the net worth of a non-Hispanic white household. These FinTokers are paving the way for financial equality in the Hispanic/Latin community through education, inspiration, and motivation.


Best Credit Repair Advice

The federal government estimates 1 in 5 Americans have costly errors on their credit reports. Credit repair fixes those, but like everything else financial and governmental, it’s a little confusing. These FinTokers make it simple.


Best Bankruptcy Advice

Bankruptcy is also complicated, so we admire these FinTokers who explain it well.


Winners will receive an official 2023 FinTok Award badge that they can share across their social platforms and integrate on their website.  They will also get an in-depth profile story and video posted on

Contest winners will be announced on May 31st.