Dori Zinn

Dori Zinn

Dori Zinn is a full-time freelance journalist based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. She’s president of Blossomers Media, Inc., a web development and online media consulting company. Along with her work on, she’s been a longtime freelancer for Money Talks News — a personal and consumer finance website — and South Florida Gay News — the largest weekly LGBT newspaper in the South.

Zinn has written for a variety of other publications, including Huffington Post, The Week, Quartz, Fort Lauderdale Magazine, Indulge, and

Baby boomer senior couple enjoying a cup of coffee together

Boomers Aren’t Doing as Bad as Everyone Thinks They Are

October 17, 2017

The most financial unstable baby boomers are doing better than we all thought they were doing, but they still aren’t doing great.

Renting family forced to move out by rent increases

Renters Are Being Priced Out

October 16, 2017

Regular workers can’t afford to live in any major metro area in the country.

Hacker in a hoodie committing identity theft very stereotypically

Security Is Down, Worry Is Up, and We’re All Doomed

October 13, 2017

More people than ever are worried about ID theft. But big institutions and companies aren’t prepared to handle major breaches and can’t hire workers fast enough.

A black father and his son laugh and hug on the couch

Income Inequality Is Worse Than You Think

October 12, 2017

According to a recent study, high-income white Americans overestimated the racial income gap more than other groups.

Men Earn More Than Women on Home Equity.

Men Out-Earn Women in Home Equity

October 11, 2017

Higher salaries mean higher rates of earned home equity. Men are out-earning women in more ways than one.

New Home Owners

Dirt Cheap Areas to Live

October 10, 2017

There are cities across the nation that are cheap enough for you to live in and land a well-paying job.

Debt Is the Biggest Financial Stressor.

Surprising No One, Debt Is the Biggest Financial Stressor in the Country

October 6, 2017

Almost one-quarter of Americans say debt is their top financial stressor. But it’s more than half of all the states in the union. How can they get out of it?

Credit card theft happens every day

The Older You Are, the Happier Your Credit Card Makes You

October 4, 2017

Customer satisfaction for credit cards is increasing, but when broken down by age, Americans younger than 40 aren’t as happy as their older peers.

Researching vacation time

Americans are More Invested in Vacations than Retirement

October 3, 2017

Americans would rather put more time, effort, and money into researching vacations and their future vehicles than make financial investments.

Plan to bridge your retirement gap by spending your golden years near the Mississippi River

Stretch Your Dollar Across the Mississippi

October 2, 2017

One million dollars will last you more than 26 years in Mississippi, while it’ll get less than half that in Hawaii.

Apartment rental costs factor into the decision of whether to rent or buy

Apartment Rental Costs Vary Drastically Around the Country

September 29, 2017

Apartments across the country vary widely in cost. The most expensive city in the country costs six times as much as the cheapest.

A man with a block of cheese counts his discretionary income

Get All The Cheddar

September 26, 2017

This map will show you where you can make the most of your disposable income.

A mansion with a pool in a rich neighborhood

Won’t You Be My (Rich) Neighbor?

September 25, 2017

Million-dollar neighborhoods are on the rise all over the country, with some metro areas seeing huge spikes while others are experiencing major drops.

This woman knows how to live richer which is why she's smiling

The Best Places to Live Richer Aren’t the Most Expensive

September 20, 2017

Average household income, home prices, and childcare costs are the best in New Hampshire, making it the best state to live a rich life.

Hispanic woman with a credit card knows how to improve your credit score

Improve Your Credit Score by Taking Notes from Hispanics

September 15, 2017

Nearly 9 in 10 Hispanics have checked their scores because they’re actively looking to buy a home or get a loan. More Hispanics are checking up on their credit than Americans overall.

A super hacker in a hoodie breaks into your computer security using his laptop

This Year We’ve Been Hacked at Record Speeds

September 14, 2017

The number of data breaches has soared through the first half of 2017, with most hacks hitting the business sector.

Workers are wasting time on their phones

Full-time Workers Keep Wasting Time on Their Phones

September 11, 2017

Workers spend an average of five hours a week on their phones doing nonwork things and their employers don’t like it. They also think their workers are doing it more often than they really are.

Is student debt hanging over your head

Cheaper Cost of Living Means Southerners Pay off Student Loan Debt Sooner

September 4, 2017

More Americans living in Southern states can put more money toward their student loan debt since cost of living is cheaper.

football and vacation time

You’ll Never Guess Which College Football Team Is the Best — According to Experian

August 31, 2017

Credit score impacts everything — even the very football team you should be cheering for.

Why we pay more for cars with bad credit

Most Lemons Come from Car Dealerships

August 30, 2017

Two-thirds of lemons were purchased at new and used car dealerships, and most of those duds were discovered after only a month of ownership.

worst part about fraud

We Want Companies to Be More Secure But We Aren’t

August 29, 2017

Americans believe their private data is at risk when online shopping or banking, but don’t think their information is at risk on a public Wi-Fi network. Why not?

A man looks at a digital map of U.S. zip codes and taps a city in Colorado

The Most Expensive ZIP Codes in Every State

August 28, 2017

You only need to make $61,000 to live in West Virginia’s top spot, but you’ll need 11 times that to live in one Cali code.

Young woman looks at dating profiles that features a good credit score

Swipe Right for the Right Score

August 22, 2017

A good credit score will land you a future partner faster than a nice car, job, or body.

See how battle of the sexes affects the professional workforce in the U.S. in 2017

Battle of the Sexes in the Workforce

August 21, 2017

As every year passes, jobs usually held by one sex or another become less prominent as both move into jobs typically held by the opposite group.

A couple discusses a mortgage and whether rent vs buy makes sense

The Rent vs. Buy Debate Continues

August 21, 2017

In some states, it is cheaper to own a home, but there are some states where owning a home is more expensive than renting one.

Hand borrowing money from other hand

Borrowing Money Now Hurts Your Retirement Later

August 17, 2017

Employee-sponsored retirement plans are dying because workers are taking out loans without paying them back or leave a job without taking their retirement with them.

Miami sunshine's on new cars

Need a New Car? Hope You Don’t Live in Miami

August 14, 2017

Most American households can’t afford new cars in all but one of the largest metro areas in the country.

Nontraditional employees don't get benefits like health insurance, but they get to work from home.

Nontraditional Employees Don’t Have Benefits

August 11, 2017

One in four Americans are part-time workers or independent contractors, yet don’t have the same benefits — like health insurance or a retirement plan — like their traditional-working peers.

Still shot of's rent map showing top cities for rental price increases and decreases in 2017

Renters: Get Away from California

August 7, 2017

There are major cities across the country seeing huge spikes in rent over the last year. Is it time to move?

You can put the brakes on overspending and save money on auto insurance by allowing your insurer to track your driving

We’re Driving Less But Paying More

August 3, 2017

Three years ago, 8.5 percent of drivers were letting companies track their driving habits. Now, that number is at 6 percent. You can save on insurance without letting companies track your driving.

40-hour work week? Try 60

Financial Woes Are Literally Killing Us

August 2, 2017

Almost half of Americans worry about their finances at least once a week, and almost one-quarter of us are probably thinking about our money problems at least once a day.

For saving money, clipping coupons with scissors still reins supreme, but is that really the best savings strategy?

If Nothing Else, We Save When We Shop

August 1, 2017

The vast majority of Americans search often for ways to save when going grocery shopping. If only we would stash away the money we save.

Woman happily driving convertible on a sunny day after she was able to refinance her car loan

Need a New Car? Head to Florida

July 31, 2017

Fly from your city to another city, buy a car and drive home and you will still pay less than if you had bought that car locally.

The cost of funerals can lead to debt without end of life planning; even without family inheritance you need estate planning

We Should Plan Our Funerals, But We Aren’t

July 31, 2017

Most Americans think planning their own funerals is important, but most aren’t actually doing it.

speeding ticket insurance rates

Speeding can Lead to Big Insurance Jumps

July 28, 2017

Most drivers know that DUIs will make their insurance rates go up, but many may not know that minor driving infractions, like speeding and careless driving, will make your insurance premiums go up, too.

Save the children and moms

Bring Your Budget Back to School

July 27, 2017

More than half of parents shop with a back-to-school budget and expect a rise in expenses this year. But parents are working the extra expenses into their budget.

The cost of a pile of school supplies is nothing compared to the shocking state of school teacher pay

Back-to-School Shopping: $73 Billion

July 25, 2017

Kindergarten through college will cost consumers nearly $73 billion this back-to-school season, with college being roughly two-thirds of that.

An upset college graduate rests her head on her hand after she hears recent student debt statistics

Student Debt Hurts Women More Than Men

July 21, 2017

Women are suffering from student loan debt at a higher rate than men, and this first-person account of drowning in debt shows it.


Here Are All The Ways Your Credit Score Is About To Jump

July 17, 2017

Crippling debt can totally kill our credit history, which makes buying a home or car or even getting a credit card nearly impossible. But some new changes to reporting are going to seriously boost your credit score.

Technology moves faster than people, increasing the need for identity theft protection and cybersecurity

Cyber Attacks Are Coming and We Know It

July 14, 2017

Companies and organizations can’t find qualified people to fill cybersecurity positions — or time to train them

401k match and automatic retirement saving work

Look What Happens When Companies Care About Employee Retirement

July 10, 2017

Employers who match contributions or have automatic programs set up for their employees have more workers who are prepared for retirement than those who don’t have any methods in place.

A clean, modern, organized living room space, looking into the dining area in a single family home

Selling Your Home? Make It Blue-tiful

July 7, 2017

On average, homes with blue bathrooms sold for $5,440 more than those without blue bathrooms.

Cyber thief sitting in front of a laptop, poised to steal your identity, personal data, and financial accounts

Even Medical Devices Aren’t Scam-Free

July 6, 2017

There are more than 8,000 security flaws from four different pacemaker manufacturers.

Time to think about retirement savings: Stacks of coins lead up to a retirement savings jar with an alarm clock

The World Is Running out of Retirement Money

July 3, 2017

Generations retiring in a couple decades may not even get a retirement because of a $400 trillion retirement savings gap.

Illustration of a battered man with low income who has become credit invisible

CFPB Wants Credit Card Offers to be More Transparent

June 28, 2017

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is asking retail credit card companies to end deferred interest card offers since many consumers don’t actually know what that means.

Illustration of a credit invisible man being handed a credit card

CFPB Says Low-Income Americans Are ‘Credit Invisible’

June 27, 2017

Low-income consumers are 240 percent more likely to start their credit history with negative records, like a debt collection.

Illustration of man walking towards two paths symbolizing zero percent interest and deffered interest.

Zero Percent vs. Deferred Interest: Do You Know the Difference?

June 26, 2017

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants you to avoid falling into the trap of promotional credit card offers.

working mom retirement

Women Struggling Hard with Retirement Savings

June 15, 2017

Women are still primary caregivers, still earn less than their male counterparts, and still don’t believe they are financially ready for retirement.

A business person standing in an office, checking off business personnel on a clear digital whiteboard

Job Recruiters Are Making Great Money

June 14, 2017

Job recruiters are seeing faster-than-average wage growth compared to other jobs around the country.

women manage money better

Women are Better Than Men at Money Management

June 13, 2017

Women are not only better at saving, but also at investing. However, women don’t know they are better than men at money management.