Meghan Alard

Meghan Alard

Meghan Alard is a guest contributor for She’s been a staff writer for ten years at one of the nation’s largest and oldest nonprofit credit counseling services—Consolidated Credit. She’s a PFE-certified debt management professional, specializing in content that helps consumers manage debt, improve their credit, budget, and save for long-term goals.

Meghan has also worked closely with Consolidated Credit’s housing counseling team. In that role, she’s contributed newsletter content for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

“I take pride in helping people achieve those big financial goals that we all dream about, like becoming debt-free and buying a home. They’re dreams that I was excited to achieve, so it feels good to help others reach them, too.”

Before joining Consolidated Credit, Meghan worked as a staff writer for a consumer products company, writing for brands such as Black & Decker Home and George Foreman Grills. In that role, she found a love for testing products and then writing about the experience for consumers. You can find her financial product reviews on

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