Tyler Fitch

Tyler Fitch

Tyler Fitch embarked on his content writing adventure while at Florida State University, writing a myriad number of articles for StudyBreaks.com, a lifestyle magazine aimed at college-aged students.

Whilst still studying, Tyler began writing a monthly newsletter for Killearn Homes Association, where he honed his talents for writing informative and news-centric articles. After graduating with an English/Communications degree, Tyler went on to acquire his realtor’s license, enriching his desire to learn more about finances.

As a writer for Debt.com, Tyler uses his past knowledge of real estate and the finances involved, to invoke people’s curiosity of how important it is to leave debt in the past.

Solve Your Problems with Debt Collection

Debt Collection

Nobody wants to deal with debt collectors. Unfortunately, even if you don’t have debts in collections, you might still be harassed by one. Nearly half of the complaints received by the CFPB in 2020 dealt with attempts to collect a debt that wasn’t owed by the person getting contacted. The contact can also be less […]

How to Actually Buy a Home

How to ACTUALLY Buy a Home

As we navigate the real estate landscape post-pandemic, the nation finds itself in one of the biggest seller’s markets in history. So, we created this guide to help homebuyers traverse the field and become successful, even when they’ve lost all hope.

Financial Infidelity

When the word infidelity springs to mind, it is often associated with midnight rendezvouses at seedy hotels or texting on private messaging apps. While one can speculate on the ethical nature of those, another type of cheating typically flies under the radar—financial infidelity.  In 2018, researchers from the University of Southern Mississippi polled 414 U.S. […]