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When you file for bankruptcy, the last thing you want to have in uncertainty about what’s going to happen. That’s why it’s so important to be informed and find the answers you need to answer your most pressing questions about bankruptcy. That way, you’re not faced with so much fear of the unknown that often comes with filing.

With that in mind, we’ve answered the most common questions people ask about bankruptcy that people ask. Learn what you need to know about the filing process and what happens before, during and after you file. If you still have more questions or need help with filing, call us at 1‐888-457-1633 to connect with the right services for your needs.

Whether you need to file for personal bankruptcy or commercial bankruptcy for your business, can help you get the fresh start you need.

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Can I still get credit or loans after bankruptcy?

People often think that filing for bankruptcy means the end of your financial life. But even right after you’ve achieved full and final discharge, you can start rebuilding your financier outlook with new loans and credit cards that are designed for people working to recover. Learn where to go get the lines of credit you need after bankruptcy.

Can I file for bankruptcy to stop foreclosure?

When your finances are headed south and the distress you’re facing gets too severe, often the primary concern people have is saving their home. If missed mortgage or HOA payments have left you facing foreclosure, learn how you can use bankruptcy to stop the foreclosure process and potentially find a solution to save your home.

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