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Credit Card Debt Negotiation

Despite the pandemic leading to record unemployment last year, Americans managed to pay off record amounts of credit card debt, largely thanks to two rounds of stimulus.[1] What’s more, the federal government leaned on credit card companies to be flexible, asking them to extend deferment options, where customers could reduce or pause payments completely.  However, […]

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How to Vacation on a Budget in 2021

As travel opens up in 2021, Americans are itching to get away, but economic uncertainty and safety concerns could affect your vacation budget. This guide helps you set a smart vacation budget for 2021.

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Find the latest personal finance features from that can help you manage your money and pay off debt more effectively.

Petition to file bankruptcy

A Beginner’s Guide to Bankruptcy and Homestead Exemptions

Exemptions can protect assets from liquidation in Chapter 7 bankruptcy and help you enjoy lower payments on a Chapter 13 repayment plan. Learn how bankruptcy exemptions work, including the crucial homestead exemption that can save your home.

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8 Ways to Deal with Debt Collectors

Having debts in collections is stressful and dodging avoidance can lead to calls to your employer and lawsuits. Here are eight better ways to deal with a debt collector that don’t involve just paying outright.

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