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Knowing how to move forward with student loan debt can be tough – especially when so-called “help” sites are using a bunch of jargon and language that you just don’t understand. We get it.

That’s why we’ve created this handy section of our website that answers all of the top questions that people ask about student loan debt, consolidation and forgiveness programs. We break everything down as simply as possible, so you can learn what you need to know and move forward with confidence.

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Are student loans forgiven if you declare bankruptcy?

Student loan debt stays with you
Most people think of bankruptcy as a completely clean slate – you take a credit penalty in exchange for a judge clearing your decks of all your outstanding debt. Unfortunately student loans don’t operate like other debt so bankruptcy may not fix your situation, even if the loans are private.

Can the government garnish my wages or taxes for student loans?

Garnishment sucks up cash you need
You work hard for every paycheck you earn and probably can’t afford to lose income because your wages are garnished. The same thing is true of your tax return. Understand what the government can do if you don’t pay back your student loans on time and keep up with the monthly payments.

How do dropped classes affect my student loans?

What's the student debt impact of dropped classes?
Sometimes you just can’t keep up with your course load and you need to drop a class to do the right thing for your education and life. But when do dropped classes start to affect your student loans payments? Learn how many you can drop before the clock starts on your student loan repayment.

How is student debt good?

Carrying student loan debt may be good for your credit
As much negative press as student loans get, these loans are not all bad. Learn how student loan debt can be good for you, your credit and your financial outlook as long as you have the means to maintain control over the debt. We also give tips for how to stay in control to avoid problems.

What happens if I can’t pay my student loans?

What to do when you're on the hook for student loan debt
Unemployment and even underemployment can make it impossible to keep up with the monthly payments on your student loans. If you can’t afford to cover your loan payments along with your other obligations, we offer options for finding relief so you can make a plan to avoid financial distress.
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