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Who Has the Worst Spending Habits, State Governments or State Residents?

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – You might think financially savvy Americans would vote for financially savvy candidates. A analysis shows that’s almost never true. Only one state achieved equilibrium: Nevada, the state that touts gambling and partying. The state ranked 14th, while its residents ranked 13th for personal financial responsibility. The Top 10 states with the healthiest finances […]

Read More Launches Commercial Featuring 12-Time Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte and Fiancé Model Kayla Rae Reid’s second commercial, part of the #YourSecondChance promotional campaign, features Ryan Lochte and Fiancé Kayla Rae Reid on screen together for the first time.

Read More Signs Endorsement Deal with 12-Time Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte is in the business of second chances, and we believe this American swimming legend deserves and has earned one, too

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Mapping America’s Personal Debt and Political Leanings

Fort Lauderdale, FL — Experts at recently completed an in-depth investigation on the spending habits of Republicans and Democrats. Experts found that voters in Republican states dislike deficit spending in their government, but embrace it in their own lives. However, voters in Democratic states say government debt isn’t an issue, but are more likely […]

Read More Partners With VeteransPlus

Clearwater, FL — COMPASS will be offered by VeteransPlus, a 501C3 Financial Education Organization, and it includes features such as transaction monitoring, budgets and interactive cash flow reporting. COMPASS was developed in partnership between VeteransPlus and  Additionally by the end of 2015, VeteransPlus will launch The Yellow Ribbon Network, which will include COMPASS and […]

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Here’s where veterans can best utilize the GI Bill

Fort Lauderdale, FL – created a lucrative hack map that reveals the secret. If military vets choose a good school in an expensive area, their housing allowance increases. Fortunately, some of those cities and towns have less expensive accommodations available and are located within a reasonable commuting distance to the school. Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of, […]

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The Most Financially Literate States In The U.S.

Fort Lauderdale, FL –’s new money map ranks the current financial literacy of every state in the country by combining three major factors. The factors include: how well people in each state perform on financial literacy quizzes, financial habits and state laws on teaching the subject. Topping the list as the most financially literate are Utah, Virginia, Idaho, […]

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Average Tax Refund By State

Fort Lauderdale, FL – has created a new interactive map that ranks each state by the amount of money being refunded for the 2014 fiscal year. For example, last year’s winner Texas finished second with an average of $3,033. Visitors to the map can also click on the separate states and find out how many […]

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America Saves Week

Fort Lauderdale, FL – wants to promote a holiday that doesn’t get much attention – America Saves Week. It kicks off on February 23, and the financial experts at have accumulated 10 money saving posts to help Americans save big. “Most people associate holidays with giving gifts and spending money,” says Howard Dvorkin chairman […]

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Partnering with CWA

Trenton, NJ – Communications Workers of America (CWA) 1039 announced today that it has formed a partnership with, a personal finance site that offers expert advice and solutions to common money problems facing Americans today. Lionel Leach, President of CWA Local 1039, said, “We are happy to form this partnership with and look […]

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Debt Apocalypse

Fort Lauderdale, FL — staff members dug deep this Halloween season to uncover a grave problem: Debt can turn consumers into overextended decaying zombies, but with the help of people can come back from the debt and regain financial health. The 60-second video “Survive the Zombie Debt Apocalypse” is an irreverent grass roots effort where […]

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New Development in ID Theft

Fort Lauderdale, FL — Last week, Chinese hackers stole the medical identities of 4.5 million Americans when they cracked the database of Community Health Systems (CYH) – the nation’s largest provider of rural and suburban healthcare. CYH operates in 28 states, so this theft was not only broad but deep. It included patient names, Social […]

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Stressed Over Debt

Ft. Lauderdale – Americans are totaling up their debt and their bodies are reacting to stress. Consumers have more than $880.50 billion dollars in credit card debt and credit card accounts that are over 30 days past due was 2.52 percent in September 2014. One-third of Americans are losing sleep over the state of the […]

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Student Loan Advice

FT LAUDERDALE, Fla.—Student loans can be a double-edged sword. On one side, they may allow recent graduates to build a successful career, buy a home and form a family. On the other side, they can become a nightmare for many graduates who are unemployed or whose salaries are not high enough. Student-loan debt reached nearly […]

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High Price for Errors

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A Federal Trade Commission study showed that about 26 percent of people have credit reports mistakes that could lead them to pay more for loans, insurance and other financial products. advises consumers to obtain an annual credit report to correct inaccurate information and take steps to improve their credit score. […]

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Why Budgets Fail

Fort Lauderdale FL, – A budget is important part of managing personal finances; however, many consumers avoid this task because they think it’s too hard or a budget will stop them from enjoying their life. A budget isn’t supposed to restrict or punish. It’s a spending plan that will help people achieve a stable financial […]

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