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More Americans Budget Today than 5 Years Ago, but the Reason is Alarming’s annual budgeting survey shows how Americans have managed their money since 2019 – and why there’s trouble brewing.

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First-ever FinTok Awards Confirm TikTok Can Be a “Responsible Educator” TikTok can be both a fun way to waste time and a serious way to be smart about money.

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Are Credit Cards Harming Your Mental Health? A New Survey Says Yes

Collectively, Americans owe nearly $1 trillion on credit cards and report their plastic makes them feel “stressed,” “sad,” and even “hopeless.”

Read More Launches FinTok Awards for Best Financial Advice on TikTok

While TikTok is under fire for its ownership, rewards its most responsible content producers.

Read More Turns 10 and Celebrates by Teaching Financial Literacy to Students

The nation’s premier debt-solutions company partners with the nation’s largest financial literacy program and awards $500 to one lucky student each semester.

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Inflation Isn’t Causing More Divorces, but It Might Be Making It Worse’s annual Divorce and Debt Survey shows a disturbing trend from 2022 to 2023: Inflation might be a contributing factor in recent divorces.

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Identity Theft: More Victims than Ever Before, Maybe for this Reason

A survey shows 5% more Americans were victimized than the year before – possibly because more than half stopped using theft-protection services.

Read More Helps SOS Children’s Villages Florida Sew the Fabric of a Nostalgic Holiday

By donating children’s bedding, decorations, and other household items, provides SOS foster children with keepsakes for beyond the foster home.

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Our Lips Are Not Sealed: Explores Link Between Increased Cosmetics Spending, the Troubled Economy and the Holidays

Splurging may be surging this holiday season: survey finds 40% of beauty buyers will use credit or BNPL to afford gift giving.

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Inflation Won’t Dampen Holiday Spending – but It Will Change It

A new survey reveals that shoppers have fascinating hacks for defeating inflation.

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