Company News Survey: What Americans Regret about Money – and the 2018 Financial Resolutions They Promise to Keep reports survey finding about American’s money regrets and hopes for the year ahead. Of the 1,300 survey respondents, over 77 percent said they are making financial New Year resolution in 2018 while only 43 percent said they made them in the past.

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Personal Finance Site Partners with MoneyTalksNews to Launch the #NewYearNoDebt Sweepstakes

One lucky visitor can win $2,500 to pay off debt – or for a New Year treat December 27, 2017 Fort Lauderdale, FL – One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions is getting out of debt, and two of the biggest names in getting Americans out of debt and onto the path of financial […]

Read More Maps U.S. Credit Card Debt and Income Showing Where it is the Most Difficult to be Debt-Free

The team put together an interactive map to show the easiest and most difficult places to pay down debt. Researchers took the credit card balances per capita by state from the Federal Reserve data and calculated the length of time to pay off the debts with total interest charges based on an average minimum payment schedule.  Then they took U.S. Census Bureau data for median income by state to find the impact of devoting a full 15% of income towards credit card debt repayment. This allowed them to map where borrowers have the most leverage to pay off debt versus places where payment resources are the most limited.

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Who Has the Worst Spending Habits, State Governments or State Residents?

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – You might think financially savvy Americans would vote for financially savvy candidates. A analysis shows that’s almost never true. Only one state achieved equilibrium: Nevada, the state that touts gambling and partying. The state ranked 14th, while its residents ranked 13th for personal financial responsibility. The Top 10 states with the healthiest finances […]

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Happy Independence Day from!

Wishing everyone a happy Independence Day Holiday from!

Read More Launches Commercial Featuring 12-Time Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte and Fiancé Model Kayla Rae Reid’s second commercial, part of the #YourSecondChance promotional campaign, features Ryan Lochte and Fiancé Kayla Rae Reid on screen together for the first time.

Read More Signs Endorsement Deal with 12-Time Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte is in the business of second chances, and we believe this American swimming legend deserves and has earned one, too

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Mapping America’s Personal Debt and Political Leanings

Fort Lauderdale, FL — Experts at recently completed an in-depth investigation on the spending habits of Republicans and Democrats. Experts found that voters in Republican states dislike deficit spending in their government, but embrace it in their own lives. However, voters in Democratic states say government debt isn’t an issue, but are more likely […]

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Clearwater, FL — COMPASS will be offered by VeteransPlus, a 501C3 Financial Education Organization, and it includes features such as transaction monitoring, budgets and interactive cash flow reporting. COMPASS was developed in partnership between VeteransPlus and  Additionally by the end of 2015, VeteransPlus will launch The Yellow Ribbon Network, which will include COMPASS and […]

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Here’s where veterans can best utilize the GI Bill

Fort Lauderdale, FL – created a lucrative hack map that reveals the secret. If military vets choose a good school in an expensive area, their housing allowance increases. Fortunately, some of those cities and towns have less expensive accommodations available and are located within a reasonable commuting distance to the school. Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of, […]

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