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By donating children’s bedding, decorations, and other household items, provides SOS foster children with keepsakes for beyond the foster home.

December 22, 2022 – This holiday, is donating household linens, restaurant gift cards and non-perishable snacks to SOS Children’s Village Florida in Coconut Creek. Founded in 1993, SOS Children’s Villages Florida is a part of an international foster home community serving vulnerable children and families.’s donations will reach 44 children, ranging in age from birth to 18, this holiday.

Foster kids in the SOS Children’s Villages Florida often take donated blankets with them after leaving their foster families and being reunited with their families of birth. made a special effort to donate new bed linens, living room blankets and bath towels for the children who stay on average 12-18 months with their foster families.

“We realized that we need to be able to make sure our kids can take the things that have meaning to them when they leave,” says Jillian Smath, CEO of SOS Children’s Villages. “It’s so important to have groups like to replenish our supply of bedding and household linens so we can make sure that our kids always have that sense of security and that sense of home when they’re making any changes in where they’re living.”

Donations aren’t the only things to make a lasting impact on SOS Children’s Villages Florida. President, Don Silvestri visited SOS Florida and was inspired to become a foster parent after his visit. Now, he encourages his colleagues in pro football to do the same.

“During my NFL days, I volunteered at SOS Children’s Villages Florida, and it changed my life,” says Silvestri. “My wife and I became a foster parent because of my experience with SOS, and we later adopted our son. Giving back to this organization as the President of extends the impact this organization has had on me. is committed to strong community ties, and this year’s donations are another step in that direction.”

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About SOS Children’s Villages Florida: We build families for children in need, help them shape their futures and share in the development of their communities. SOS Children’s Villages Florida promises every foster child a place of healing, hope and home. Support provides the funds that help sustain our homes and families in their daily lives, as well as many vital onsite services to help our boys and girls grow and thrive.

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