Jason Steele

Jason Steele

I’m one of the country’s leading experts on credit cards and have been regularly syndicated by mainstream outlets such as MSN Money and Yahoo! Finance. I live in Denver, Colorado with my wife and two daughters, and we love to travel. We often fly first-class, not because I’m rich, but because I know how to acquire credit card miles in the most efficient way. Keep reading Debt.com, and I’ll teach you, too.

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Secured Credit Cards Can Help Build Credit

Debt.com strives to provide our users with helpful information while remaining unbiased and truthful. We hold our sponsors and partners to the highest industry standards. Once vetted, those sponsors may compensate us for clicks and transactions that occur from a link within this page. Having no or poor credit can seem like a trap. In […]

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Credit Card Fees and How to Avoid Them

A typical credit card can have an annual fee, a cash advance fee, a foreign transaction fee, a balance transfer fee, and a late payment fee. Fortunately, many credit card users go years without incurring any of these fees. How do they do it? The key is to select low-fee cards, then use your leverage […]