Average tax refund by state
Apr.07, 2015

Average Tax Refund By State

The interactive map displays the average refund amount and more.

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Debt.com has created a new interactive map that ranks each state by the amount of money being refunded for the 2014 fiscal year. For example, last year’s winner Texas finished second with an average of $3,033.

Visitors to the map can also click on the separate states and find out how many people filed, the number of refunds given, the percentage of people who got a refund and the refunds combined total.

Tax advice

Debt.com has been providing tax advice since the beginning of the year, including…

This time of year is not all about refunds. Millions of people are unable to pay their taxes and don’t know where to turn for help. If they don’t understand how the IRS works, they can face serious penalties.

“Debt.com takes tax issues seriously and we have a whole section on our website that offers free advice on working with the IRS and paying off tax debt,” says Howard Dvorkin, chairman of Debt.com. “It’s not an easy process, so it’s understandable that people would need assistance.”

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