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America Saves Week



Fort Lauderdale, FL – wants to promote a holiday that doesn’t get much attention – America Saves Week. It kicks off on February 23, and the financial experts at have accumulated 10 money saving posts to help Americans save big.

“Most people associate holidays with giving gifts and spending money,” says Howard Dvorkin chairman of “As a matter of fact The National Retail Federation estimated that the average person celebrating Valentine’s Day recently could spend nearly $143.00 on candy, flowers and other gifts. I think it’s fitting that we follow up by celebrating a holiday where consumers don’t spend – they save.”

The money saving tips include:

  • The smartest methods to save money on banking fees
  • The great things you can get at libraries for cheap or for no charge
  • How you can stop spending so much money on your dog
  • Places where you can get your taxes done for free
  • How to make money online and get rid of the junk that’s cluttering up your home

This holiday celebration also challenges consumers by asking them to take the America Saves Pledge. It’s simply a pledge to save a certain amount of money each month. It shows them how much money they’ll accrue for the year.

Dvorkin says taking the pledge is just the beginning. Consumers will have to stick with it and  discover different ways they can cut costs. That’s why gathered these 10 posts. They’re a great start to a holiday that finally asks people to save money rather than spend it. also offers other resources geared toward reducing the amount of money consumers spend. The Tools and Tips section contains self-help booklets and financial calculators that make it easier to pay down debt and save money.

Visit today and make America Saves Week a holiday that lasts a lifetime.

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