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What happens to a co-signer when a car is repossessed?In The Media Link

“Repossession is bad for both the borrower and the co-signer because both credit scores will take a hit. Late payments, loan defaults, loans sent to collections and court judgments can all be noted on the primary borrower reports and the co-signer’s reports,” says Howard Dvorkin, CPA and personal finance expert at

Inflation Driving Up Medical Debt, Forcing Missed Doctor VisitsIn The Media Link

A survey from shows that half of Americans reported outstanding medical bills or debt, with 67% saying that inflation made it harder to pay, an increase from 57% in the same poll taken last year. An additional 32% said their medical bills were in debt collection this year, above the 28% who identified this problem last year.

Inflation is up and so is medical debtIn The Media Link

A survey from examined the growing burden of medical debt in the United States, with alarming increases reported in key metrics compared to the previous year. The survey, conducted in 2023, highlights the detrimental impact of inflation on Americans’ ability to manage their medical expenses.

Kevin O’Leary Warns of Rate Hike ‘Crisis’ — Who’s Suffering Most?In The Media Link

The only way a small business can truly protect itself from these rate hikes is to go into “turtle mode,” said Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of

“Shelve plans to expand your business unless you’re damned sure you can outrun these rate hikes. Focus on efficiency instead of growth. Lock down your current client base so your numbers become predictable enough to weather the storm — and hope like hell the storm passes quickly.”

Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act One Year Later — Has It Impacted Americans’ Wallets So Far?In The Media Link

“The IRA isn’t open-heart surgery for inflation,” said Howard Dvorkin, CPA, founder and chairman of “It’s not that dramatic. Think of it like taking a daily baby aspirin to prevent a heart attack. Many IRA provisions won’t show up in your wallet after one year, but they probably stopped your finances from getting worse.”

Growing Debt in America: Credit Card Debt Hits $1 Trillion for the First TimeIn The Media Link

People are subsidizing their normal costs, their normal living expenses, using the credit cards. So maybe things were great three years ago. But now with the inflated expenses for groceries and fuel, and all the other expenses – and travel I have to say because the airports are very busy – they’re using credit cards to pay for it.

Some consumers max out credit cards without knowing how much they pay to borrow: SurveyIn The Media Link

“You can’t get out of debt if you don’t understand what’s keeping you there,”’s chairman Howard Dvorkin said. “And you certainly can’t get out of debt if you don’t even know the options you have.”

Stuck with a big medical bill? Here’s what to know about paying it off.In The Media Link

“A lot of times, medical providers’ prices are wacky,” Howard Dvorkin, a certified public accountant and chairman of, told CBS MoneyWatch.

Dvorkin recalls receiving a bill for a medical incident that required his daughter to be airlifted for treatment. The initial total? $18,000.

He asked the treatment provider what rate they would have billed his insurance company and said: “That’s the rate I’ll pay.”

What are credit repair companies and how do they work?In The Media Link

“Think of a credit repair company like you’d think of a tax preparer. Sure, you can do your own income taxes, but sometimes it’s worth the money to hire a professional,” says Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of

5 hacks to get the best deals on Amazon Prime Day — and other summer salesIn The Media Link

But before signing up for an Amazon credit card, think carefully about how often you’ll actually use it, and whether you’ll be able to pay off the entire balance every month, said Howard Dvorkin, a financial advisor and chairman of

“On paper, getting an Amazon credit card for Prime Day makes dollars and sense. In practice, it’s dangerous unless you’re super-disciplined,” he told MarketWatch in an email. “You need to be honest with yourself before making this decision,” he added.