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Buy now, pay later is the new layaway: What are the pros and cons?In The Media Link

Consumers will face fees if they’re late (even once) or miss a payment. It’s also added to your credit report, dragging down your overall credit score, according to Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of

Increase in Unmarried Couples Buying HomesIn The Media Link

Howard Dvorkin, CPA and Chairman of, joins ‘Your Future Home’ to break down everything you need to know about buying a home as an unmarried couple or with any partner.

Dollar Scholar Asks: Does Declaring Bankruptcy Mean I’m Totally Screwed?In The Media Link

How does declaring bankruptcy work? I asked Howard Dvorkin, chairman and CEO of, to help me figure it out. He told me that bankruptcy is a way for people to get rid of their debt and “start fresh when all else fails.”

25 Ways To Save Yourself From Your Debt DisasterIn The Media Link

“Ask a trusted friend or financial advisor to look over your budget and ask them to be brutally honest,” said Howard Dvorkin, chairman at “Take their suggestions and revisit them in a month to check on your progress.”

3 Biggest Ways Millionaires Lose Their Wealth [And You Could Too!]In The Media Link

Parents helped adult children at their own expense due to the pandemic, according to

Wall Street Says The Fed Without Powell Would Be ‘A Shock’ As Biden Waits on Renominating the ChairIn The Media Link

Howard Dvorkin, CPA and Chairman of, told GOBankingRates that “presidents have a cynical reason for taking so long to appoint a new Fed chair.”

The NFL and IOU: 10 Debt Lessons You Can Learn from Football PlayersIn The Media Link

Before Don Silvestri became president of, he spent two decades as a senior executive overseeing marketing, sales, strategic planning, business and product development. His experience included website design, media buying, affiliate marketing, social networking, lead generation, and search engine marketing.

Don’t Let Inflation Bust Your Holiday Shopping BudgetIn The Media Link

“With inflation up 5.4% from last year, consumers are entering one of the priciest holiday seasons during a time when most of them can’t afford it,” said Howard Dvorkin, CPA, chairman of “The pandemic caused many people to stretch their finances, and this holiday season will ask them to pull even further.” Fortunately, there are things you can do to tackle the high prices and keep inflation from busting your holiday shopping budget.

Opinion: Are you ready to be part of the ‘Great Resignation’?In The Media Link

Fortunately, more people are tuning in to their finances and thinking more strategically about reaching their goals. According to the 2021 Budgeting Survey, 80% of Americans say they have a budget—which is an improvement from just 68% two years ago.

Medical Debt Will Still Be Here Long After The Pandemic Finally Ends, Says President of Debt.comIn The Media Link

“Long after this awful pandemic finally ends, medical debt will still be here,” Silvestri says. “There’s no easy vaccine for medical debt. It will take help from federal and state lawmakers, and more education for consumers.” offers that education, with a free debt analysis.