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When Should You Make Your Kid an Authorized User on Your Credit Card?

“Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of, helped his own college-age kids research the best credit cards for college students and encouraged them to apply for their own cards after two years on his own cards. The hardest part, he said, was getting them to switch over to using their own cards rather than keep using the safety net of his.”

4 Things Everyone Hates About Budgeting

“A 2019 survey of 1,042 adults captures this attitude. One-third of respondents said they didn’t follow a budget at all, citing insufficient income, lack of time, and previous failed attempts at budgeting. Those complaints are understandable, but also solvable.”

Get SMART about budgeting in the new year

“We are very good at spending more than we have. American consumer debt sits at about $14 trillion dollars, and a survey finds about a third of us don even bother with a budget.”

10 financial resolutions for 2020

“The best financial New Year’s resolution you can make may also be the easiest — make one phone call. ‘A nonprofit credit counseling agency can give you a free debt analysis,”’says Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of”

3 Lessons About Failing the Right Way

“Always control the narrative. Never be afraid of failure. Failure just allows you the opportunity to succeed in the future from lessons learned — good or bad.”

Should you get your child a credit card?

That’s especially important if you’ve agreed to pay for some expenses. Dvorkin encouraged his son and daughter to get cards in their own names when they went to college, and he set hard boundaries for what he’ll contribute.

“I get their credit card statements and if I see something I don’t like, guess what – they have to pay it, not me,” he said.

When should you get your child a credit card?

Howard Dvorkin, chairman of, suggested making credit and money tangible by having your children use cash as often as possible. Although many people are accustomed to using cards, the experience of handing over cash makes a lasting impression.

“Remember that stuff that’s green and slips through your fingers? You don’t want to let that stuff go, man. You worked hard for that money and you don’t want to let it slip through your fingers,” Dvorkin said. “That teaches the greatest lesson, rather than whipping out a credit card or debit card, which is pretty painless for most.”

Can you use one credit card to pay off another?

Howard Dvorkin, a certified public accountant and founder of, said there’s a reason credit card companies offer 0% balance transfers: They want to make money, and they know that most consumers won’t pay off their debt before that promotional interest rate expires.

“Instead of using those months to pay off their debts, [consumers are] more likely to run up their balances,” Dvorkin said. “Debt is a disease that’s simple to diagnose but hard to cure.”

How to do Christmas shopping on a budget

According to Howard Dvorkin, Chairman of, “The best window for holiday shopping is between October 1 and December 1.”

What The Next Recession Could Mean For Average Americans

A reporter recently asked me, “What are some reasons that people should not be panicking about the next recession?”

I had only one good answer: “Most of us have been through this before, and it was worse a decade ago than it’ll be next year or whenever it hits.”