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Consumers Plan To Lean Heavily On Buy Now Pay Later This Holiday SeasonIn The Media Link

Howard Dvorkin, chairman of, says BNPL can be a useful tool—or a harmful one. Dvorkin says that you might come out ahead if you use a BNPL loan and pay it off before interest charges kick in instead of carrying a balance on a high-interest credit card.

What you should know about captive lenders before using one for your car purchaseIn The Media Link

“If you’re at a dealership ready to buy a car, and the dealer says they can help you pay for that car with an in-house loan, that’s an example of captive financing,” says Howard Dvorkin, an author, certified public accountant (CPA) and chairman of

5 Black Friday Spending Traps to AvoidIn The Media Link

“These guys (retailers) have had not one year, not two years but 100 years to figure out how to separate you from your money,” says Howard Dvorkin, chairman of “They are very good at it. They want it to be perceived that you are getting a deal, and sometimes that deal is not a real one.”

Tips And Tricks For Budgeting Your Holiday ShoppingIn The Media Link

“Really put some thought into this because you’re making a promise to yourself that this is it — you’re not buying anything more for anyone else,” Howard Dvorkin, chairman of, tells Nasdaq.

Inflation: How To Approach Your Holiday Shopping List With Higher CostsIn The Media Link

“With inflation up from last year, consumers are entering one of the priciest holiday seasons during a time when most of them can’t afford it,” said Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of “The pandemic caused many people to stretch their finances, and this holiday season will ask them to pull even further.”

Five Consumer ‘Junk Fees’ Consumers Love to HateIn The Media Link

“Just because an announcement to eliminate junk fees was made doesn’t mean all banks may comply in all cases,” says Dvorkin. “Banking consumers should conduct a quick internet search for their account fees. If they’ve already been hit with junk fees, they should call their bank and try to get them waived.”

11 Ways to Prevent Debt from Ruining Your Retirement GoalsIn The Media Link polled a thousand Americans, and most participants said that they are now tracking their finances, and their budgeting habit has helped them get out and stay out of debt.

How Having an 800+ Credit Score Impacts Card Interest Rates and RewardsIn The Media Link

“Sometimes people with poor credit scores don’t get jobs. Because their job is offered on their ability to handle their finances, and a poor credit score shows that they can’t,” Dvorkin said.

Americans expected to give fewer gifts this holiday seasonIn The Media Link

“Consumers are going to spend as much as they did last season, but they are limiting the people they’re spending on. They only have a certain amount of money, so they have to tighten that list of who they’re buying presents for,” said Howard Dvorkin, chairman of “Because of the increased pricing, their dollars won’t go as far as they did last year.”

What the IRS’ inflation adjustments mean for your paycheckIn The Media Link

“The IRS lowers your taxes by raising the standard deduction,” said Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of “Think of it as a chunk of your money the IRS ignores. This year, the IRS will hike the standard deduction by around 7%, depending on your circumstances.”