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How To Protect Your Savings: 9 Top Questions Answered by ExpertsIn The Media Link

“As long as the financial institution is insured, consumers are safe; and, if they are not insured, then they face possible risk,” said Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of “People need to verify that their bank is FDIC insured and that they understand what happens with different types of accounts like joint accounts and retirement accounts.

Many Americans with medical debt struggling to pay bills: SurveyIn The Media Link

“We tend to think of inflation as annoying instead of dangerous,” President Don Silvestri said. “But inflation means more than higher food and gas prices. It pervades everything we spend money on – including our physical health.”

How Much Do Americans Spend on St. Patrick’s Day?In The Media Link

Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of, says another option to save some cash is to pregame at home, or make a definitive budget before you hit the bars. “I would advise [people] to do most of their planning and spending before their outing,” Dvorkin says. “This way, they can save themselves from splurging on expensive dining items and the trap of planning under the influence.”

It’s time to set your ‘financial boundaries’: Here’s how to say no to expensive invites and loan requests from friendsIn The Media Link

He was echoed by author Howard Dvorkin, chairman of, who advises people to help their friends with work such as setting up the venue for a social gathering, instead of leaving money: “There are ways to meet your social obligations without ruining your bottom line.”

“Financial boundaries resemble personal boundaries,” he added. “If you don’t set them early, everyone will cross them often. The problem is, crossing personal boundaries is uncomfortable. Crossing financial boundaries is costly.”

6 Ways to Eat Out on the CheapIn The Media Link

“Between labor and ingredient shortages, coupled with the unpredictability of transportation, it has led to rising consumer costs,” says Howard Dvorkin, chairman of “Food manufacturers are experiencing delays waiting for ingredients and in the end they are paying higher prices, so they are charging higher prices. It’s hard to tell if food costs will go down,” he notes. “More times than not, when costs rise they stay that way.”​

Signs You Are Saving More Than You Need for RetirementIn The Media Link

“I like to tell people that they should save enough money so that once they retire they don’t have to cut back their lifestyle,” said Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of “Today, many people retire with debt that eats up their retirement income.”

Concerns about by now, pay later plans mount — along with consumer debtIn The Media Link

ConsumerAffairs asked Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of, for the ugly truth anyone considering BNPL needs to know.

“All BNPL providers are not the same. They offer very different terms, and you need to closely review the agreement,” Dvorkin said, noting that like credit cards, BNPL arrangements have varying terms on payback, interest rates, and fees. “This definitely isn’t like paper towels, where both Bounty and Brawny will wipe up a spill.”

Most Americans Don’t Know the Standard Tax Deduction Amount: Here Are the Top Details To KnowIn The Media Link

“People hear the phrase ‘death and taxes’ and think neither can change. While death doesn’t change, taxes certainly do. Or rather, the rules governing them change all the time,” said Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of “The most important fact to know is that deductions come in two flavors: standard and itemized. Each reduces your taxable income. Sadly, you can’t use both at the same time. You must choose.”

Amid persistent inflation, 54% of Americans are using savings to pay for everyday expensesIn The Media Link

“There’s a great deal of economic risk right now, and if you’re borrowing from your future or someone else to cover expenses, an economic slowdown could be worse for you than it has to be,” said Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of

Valentine’s Day Tips for Talking About Money as a CoupleIn The Media Link

In more than 20 years as a financial adviser, Howard Dvorkin, chairman of, has had plenty of couples approach him with money issues that eventually lead them to break up.

“You should talk about money, lifestyle, goals and dreams,” he said. “Because (money) affects your dreams, and if you go into a relationship with debt, your dreams may be altered.”