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Poll shows Americans plan to be more frugal after the pandemicIn The Media Link

In 2019, a poll found just 67 percent of respondents were on a household budget.

How Often To Check Every Aspect of Your Finances in 2021 and BeyondIn The Media Link

Howard Dvorkin, CPA, chairman of, said that every American should be checking their credit score at least once a month.

Biden tax increases threaten small businesses, experts warnIn The Media Link

“For political purposes, I understand that Biden went after and vilified the so-called rich,” Howard Dvorkin, chairman of, told FOX Business. “But those are the people who create the jobs and guess what? If you tax them too much, they’re going to stop creating jobs.”

11 Steps for Paying Off Credit Card Debt in 2021In The Media Link

According to Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of, the first step to tackling debt is to take a full inventory of your debts. “Know how much is owed, to whom and where (you) are with payments,” he said.

What to Do if You Get EvictedIn The Media Link

“The courts are going to be so backlogged because there are a tremendous amount (of cases), so you may not get evicted for five or six months,” says Howard Dvorkin, personal finance expert, certified public accountant and chairman of

Advice From Mark Cuban, Warren Buffett and Other Experts That Can Help You Survive a CrisisIn The Media Link

“Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve urged Americans to hold onto what they have and pay off debt where they can,” Dvorkin said.

What’s Love Got to Do With It? The No-Nonsense Guide to Buying a House With Your PartnerIn The Media Link

“Buying a home is such a big purchase, a couple needs to redefine intimacy to do it right,” says Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of

Americans are struggling, but you’d never know it from their credit scoresIn The Media Link

While economists argue that government stimulus is meant to provide a stop-gap until the economy picks up and jobs become more readily available, once consumers get used to not paying certain bills, the money gets re-prioritized elsewhere and it’s hard to revert back, according to Howard Dvorkin, chairman of financial education site

15 Finance Tools You Should Totally Use Because They’re Totally FreeIn The Media Link’s free finance booklets give you the deets on pretty much everything, from eliminating credit card debt to avoiding foreclosure.

Beware of These Health Care Open Enrollment ScamsIn The Media Link

Howard Dvorkin, CPA, the chairman of, stresses the importance of consumers being informed and alert to avoid scams.