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Do you want to make a dent in your debt? not only tells you how, we’ve shown you the money.

We’re celebrating our fifth birthday by looking back at all the money we’ve given away in our recurring giveaways. Meet the winners of our most recent sweepstakes…

But the birthday party isn’t over, and neither are the presents – for you. The nation’s leading debt solver will return soon with more sweepstakes, says president Don Silvestri.

“We like the idea of not only giving expert advice but giving cold, hard cash,” Silvestri says. “While our winners can spend the money on anything they want, we hope those in debt will use it to pay down their balances – because once you eliminate steep interest payments, you actually keep more of your own money.”

In fact, some past winners had no significant debt because they embraced’s advice early on.

“My house is paid for,” says Tina Harwood of Central Florida, who won $2,500 in February. “My car is almost paid off — less than a year on that. I have one credit card, which I use and keep it at a low balance.”

Harwood told she used her windfall on a cruise – to reward herself for her thrifty ways. That’s just fine by Silvestri.  “Getting out of debt sounds boring and difficult,” he says. “Truth is, it’s not the most fun you’ll ever have, but once you get out from under, you can live the life you’ve always been dreaming of. That’s what Tina is doing. That’s what a lot of’s sweepstakes winners are doing.” also awards $500 every two months for its Scholarship for Aggressive Scholarship Applicants. It’s one of the easiest scholarships to apply for. High school and college students who simply apply for lots of other scholarships are eligible. Why? Because is all about spending wisely and saving smartly.

So apply today for our scholarship, stay tuned for our next sweeps, and read daily for money-saving advice.

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