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Can you sell a home with a lien on it?In The Media Link

“It depends not only on your financial situation but also on the kind of lien you have,” says Howard Dvorkin, CPA, and chairman of “The worst ones involve taxes — either property taxes you owe to your state or income taxes to the IRS. Almost always, these need to be paid off before anything else can happen.”

6 money moves to make when you’re worried about a recessionIn The Media Link

Howard Dvorkin of recommends looking at recurring charges such as unused gym memberships or subscriptions.

How credit scores affect interest ratesIn The Media Link

Credit scores help determine the interest rates and fees credit card companies charge you, says Howard Dvorkin, personal finance expert and chairman of

10 Simple and Free Budgeting ToolsIn The Media Link

“The envelope method is a great tool for budgeting because it forces people to take control of their spending with cash in hand,” says Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of

7 Savvy Money Moves To Make When You Get a Raise or BonusIn The Media Link

“You can ask your HR or accounting department to split your paycheck in two,” Dvorkin says. “Most of it can go to your checking account as usual, but you can shunt some of it to a savings account.”

Credit vs. Debit: The Face-OffIn The Media Link

While some debit cards offer cash back—including Discover Cash Back Debit, Neon PointCard and Axos Debit Card—the rewards programs on credit cards tend to be far richer. “And with a credit card, you can pick the type of rewards that you want,” says Howard Dvorkin, chairman of—whether cash, travel points or discounts at a favorite retailer.

How to Prepare for Retirement: A 5 Step GuideIn The Media Link

The CPA and chairman of, Howard Dvorkin, warned of carrying credit card debt into retirement…

Right now, [credit card] interest rates are hovering around 20%. That means you’re paying a dollar for every five you borrowed.

Buy now, pay later apps can lead to vicious debt cycles — here’s what you need to knowIn The Media Link

“People are buying ‘wants’ not ‘needs,’” Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairperson of, told CNBC.

Credit Utilization: Understand How It Impacts Your Credit ScoreIn The Media Link

“Credit utilization makes up such a significant part of your score because if you’re maxing out credit cards, lenders may assume that you are living beyond your means, ultimately deeming you as a credit risk,” says Howard Dvorkin, a CPA, author, columnist and chairman of personal finance site

5 Things to Do Now to Protect Your Money During High InflationIn The Media Link

Having a budget is always the best way to keep costs under control, and in recent years inflation has caused many Americans to take up the practice. According to a survey by, 80% budgeted their expenses in 2021, compared with only 68% in 2019.