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I Have to Pay My Debt, So Why Doesn’t the US Government? The Truth Is Even More Complicated Than You ThinkIn The Media Link

“In the simplest terms, the federal debt ceiling is a lot like your credit card bill. The debt ceiling is your balance — both you and the federal government have already charged a bunch of expenses. Now it’s time to pay. You write a check, but the federal government needs the House of Representatives to take formal action,” said Howard Dvorkin, Howard Dvorkin, CPA and Chairman of

10 ways to meet your savings resolutions in 2023In The Media Link

“If you find another credit card with the same terms and a lower interest rate, sometimes you can convince your current card to shave a fraction of a percent off your interest rate,” says Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of

Consumers are piling on credit card debt, flashing signs of potential crisisIn The Media Link chairman Howard Dvorkin recommends anyone with credit card debt should launch a plan to pay it off now, prioritizing the cards with the highest interest rate first. He also urges people to track where their money is going and look for expenses that can be cut.

Americans received the gift of unexpected debt this past holiday season — here’s what they can do to pay it down quickerIn The Media Link

“Prices are up for everything,” says Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of ”[People] are trying to make ends meet but they didn’t want to come off looking like the Grinch during Christmas… They went to the store saying, ‘Okay, I’m only going to spend $25 for a shirt for uncle George.’ And you get to the checkout, and that $25 shirt is now $40.”

How to manage your personal loan and save moneyIn The Media Link

“Rewrite your budget to include the monthly loan payments. If your debt-to-income ratio is too high with the loan, reconsider taking out a personal loan,” recommends Howard Dvorkin, CPA and Chairman of

25 Ways To Save Yourself From Your Debt DisasterIn The Media Link

“Ask a trusted friend or financial advisor to look over your budget and ask them to be brutally honest,” said Howard Dvorkin, chairman at “Take their suggestions and revisit them in a month to check on your progress.”

How to do Christmas shopping on a budgetIn The Media Link

According to Howard Dvorkin, Chairman of, the best window for holiday shopping is between October 1 and December 1. If you do your shopping in this period, you’ll still be able to take advantage of holiday sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and you’ll also give yourself enough time to shop without feeling the pressure of a time crunch.

Steps to Take Today to Avoid a Recession TomorrowIn The Media Link

Vicki Gunvalson, president and founder of Coto Insurance & Financial Services and spokesperson for, joined Cheddar News to give recession advice.

Watching the ‘Lipstick Index’ as a Recession IndicatorIn The Media Link

The research team compared the inflation rate to Google’s search volume for the terms “lipstick,” “lip gloss” and “foundation” and found a 300% uptick in consumers searching for those products. (Google says 92% of mobile searches result in purchases). then commissioned a survey of 1,000 beauty buyers and found that 38% are using credit to buy cosmetics and 37% are buying more cosmetics despite high inflation.

Beauty Spending & Inflation at Holiday Time: InfographicIn The Media Link

According to a survey, 37% of respondents report buying more cosmetics than ever before. And despite inflation, one-third said they haven’t changed how they shop for cosmetics, according to the provider of debt solutions. In fact, 62% of respondents agreed that “lipstick products are an affordable way to treat [themselves] in times of high inflation.”