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Hello and welcome to’s Credit Card Debt Solutions Center. If you are having a difficult time making your credit card payments, struggling with high interest rates or if making just minimum payments is getting you nowhere, we can help.

And you’re not alone. The average family who carries a debt has more than $16,000 in credit card debt. We have free advice and offer professional solutions, so you can find the best way to pay off or settle your credit card debt. Available programs include debt management, debt settlement, debt consolidation loans and even do-it-yourself solutions where you can learn the best way to pay off your debt.

We are A-plus rated by the Better Business Bureau and have helped thousands of people become financially stable and find solutions tailored to their unique situations. We’re here to help you, too! Simply fill out our form or, better yet, call us now and we’ll match you with the best solution for your situation for free.

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Stop struggling with minimum payments that don’t get you anywhere. Professional credit card debt help can get you out of debt fast!

When you can’t make headway, it’s time for debt relief

Roughly 157 million Americans owe credit card debt and many find it almost impossible to pay off. Minimum payments are not designed to help you. In fact, they’re designed to keep you in debt as long as possible. If you only pay the minimum every month, you could be in debt for decades – even if you stopped charging completely today!

You need professional help to zero in on the right debt solution

When minimum payments don’t work, you have a range of options that can potentially help you become debt free. But how do you identify the right option that will work in your unique financial situation?

This is where it helps to talk to a professional. Consumer credit counselors understand all the options available to pay off credit card debt. They can impartially evaluate your debt, credit and budget to help you identify the best solution for your needs. You get an unbiased, expert opinion on your best course of action so you can move forward with confidence.

How it works

  1. Complete the form at the top of this page to request a free evaluation
  2. will connect you with a nonprofit consumer credit counseling agency.
  3. A certified credit counselor will evaluate your debts, credit and budget to see where you stand.
  4. Then, they will review your options for debt relief and help you identify the best solution for your situation.

It’s that easy! No obligation, no more guessing if you’re going in the right direction. You’ll have a clear answer of how to move forward to achieve your goal and eliminate your debt.

What solutions will a credit counselor recommend?

There are a range of solutions that provide relief from high interest rate credit card debt.

  1. Credit card balance transfers
  2. Personal debt consolidation loans
  3. Debt management programs
  4. Debt settlement programs
  5. Consolidated credit programs

All these solutions can be viable and beneficial, depending on your specific financial situation. A credit counselor will help you find the best solution to meet your goals. That way, you can pay off your debt as fast as possible and recover quickly.

If you’d like to know more about each solution before you talk to a credit counselor, you can explore them below: money in hand icon for debt consolidation

Personal Debt Consolidation Loans

A personal debt consolidation loan provides funds you can use to pay off your credit card balances in-full, leaving only the loan to pay back. Loans tend to have much lower interest rates of 10% or less if you have the right credit score, so you can minimize interest charges and get your debt on a more manageable fixed payment schedule. With the right terms, you can get out of debt without a hassle in less than five years.

Explore the Personal Debt Consolidation Loans Solution » debt management program repayment plan icon

Credit Card Debt Management Program

This is a form of assisted debt consolidation that works extremely well if you have a large volume of debt and a less-than-perfect credit score. You enroll in a program through a credit counseling agency, who works out a payment plan that works for your budget. Then they negotiate with your creditors on your behalf to reduce your interest rates. Total monthly payments are typically reduced by 30-50% and most people complete the program within 60 payments or less.

Explore the Credit Card Debt Management Program Solution » turning money gear icon for debt settlement programs

Debt Settlement Program

This should really only be explored a last resort for debt relief before you file for bankruptcy. If you’ve tried everything else and haven’t had any success, then you can consider a debt settlement plan where you settle your debts for less than the full amount owed. This can cause significant damage to your credit score and results may vary, but it may be your best option if your situation is truly critical.

Explore the Debt Settlement Program Solution » icon for consolidated credit program

Consolidated Credit Program

Consolidated credit programs allow you to consolidate debt, regardless of how much debt you have or your credit score. You work with a certified credit consolidation agency to develop a consolidated debt repayment plan that fits your budget. The program freezes your accounts while you’re enrolled, which helps you break your credit habit and learn better ways to budget for everyday expenses.

Explore the Consolidated Credit Program Solution »



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DISCLAIMER - does not provide direct debt adjustment services, but, upon request, acts as a locator service for BBB registered companies. It is ultimately up to you to determine whether the companies that we may introduce you to are appropriate for your situation. For debt consolidation programs, where permissible by law, companies may charge a one-time enrollment fee typically from $25 up to $75 for account establishment and for debt relief proposals submitted on your behalf to each of your creditors. Monthly program administration fees will vary from $5 but no greater than $75 depending on your state of residence and/or the number of creditors who agree to accept proposals and become enrolled in the program. Fees subject to change if permissible by law. For debt settlement programs, by law, you may not be charged any fee until a debt settlement is arranged on your behalf, you approve the settlement, and at least one payment is made towards the settlement. Each program offered by independent financial service providers is unique so ask them for their complete details of the program and fees.

Not all consumers are able to complete debt relief programs for various reasons, including their ability to save sufficient funds. The use of debt resolution services could negatively impact your credit and may result in legal action on the part of creditors or collectors for unpaid balances. Consumers enrolled in debt consolidation programs who fail to adhere to the terms of their debt management plan (DMP) may forfeit the benefits of debt relief and revert to the terms of their original creditor agreements. Read and understand all program materials prior to enrollment. Please contact a debt relief specialist for complete program details.

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