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Mar.11, 2016

Mapping America’s Personal Debt and Political Leanings

Mapping America’s Personal Debt and Political Leanings

Fort Lauderdale, FL — Experts at recently completed an in-depth investigation on the spending habits of Republicans and Democrats. Experts found that voters in Republican states dislike deficit spending in their government, but embrace it in their own lives. However, voters in Democratic states say government debt isn’t an issue, but are more likely to avoid it in their own lives. Voters appear to not always put their money where their mouth is.

Researchers at created an interactive personal debt map to show their findings. The map ranks each state according to its political leanings and consumer debt load. The map also reflects the overall political and personal debt amounts of residents. State colors represent political leanings based on how they vote in state and national elections. The rank is based on credit card, mortgage, student loan and credit report data.

Researchers not only looked at the most recent presidential election but also looked at Congressional, gubernatorial, and state legislative elections under the assumption that those offices have an important impact on money-related policy.

Researchers concluded that Republican-leaning states have more trouble paying the bills on time. “The highest default rates on student loans – 14% and up – are mostly in red states. The only blue state among the top 10 default rates, New Mexico, has the highest in the country at 20%.”

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