GI bill benefits by state
Jun.25, 2015

Here’s where veterans can best utilize the GI Bill

Here's where veterans can best utilize the GI Bill

Fort Lauderdale, FL – created a lucrative hack map that reveals the secret. If military vets choose a good school in an expensive area, their housing allowance increases. Fortunately, some of those cities and towns have less expensive accommodations available and are located within a reasonable commuting distance to the school.

Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of, provides more upside. “Using this method, military vets can now get a larger housing allowance along with a less expensive rent in close proximity to their school of choice. It enhances the rewards our vets deserve.”

For example, the first place finisher on’s map is Columbia University in New York. The average housing allowance for the area is $3,744 monthly. The average rent in the Bronx is $1,750, which provides a potential excess of $1,994 remaining to cover other expenses.

On the other end, the last place finisher is Wyoming and the University of Wyoming. The average housing allowance is $1,239. The average rent in Laramie is $1,218, which only provides a potential excess of $21. does mention that their “map assumes vets receive the maximum benefit payable, which generally requires 36 months of active-duty service, full-time enrollment, and in-state tuition rates.”

You can preview the map and review the “methodology section” for the full details on’s strategy to help military vets get the most out of their college education and the next phase of their lives. also offers a Tools and Tips section that provides free self-help booklets regarding credit card debt elimination, ID theft protection and more.

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