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Jessica Moorhouse Quit Her Emotional Spending Habit



Up until recently, when Jessica Moorhouse felt stressed, she shopped. She mostly went food shopping or stopped for a bottle of wine after work.

“I didn’t spend on large purchases,” recalls Jessica. “I spent on a number of small purchases like going out to lunch almost every day at work. Those expenses add up. I spent about $200 a month just on lunch, which is crazy.”

But two things happened that changed her life — and lifestyle.

First, she met fitness trainer and coach Jaclyn Phillips. “Jaclyn gave me a workout plan and advice on how to improve my diet,” said Jessica. “My husband and I did it together. We started implementing it in our daily lives mid-January.”

Jessica said the sudden change in lifestyle wasn’t hard, except for the first week. “My muscles ached and I couldn’t eat the sugary carbs I loved,”said Jessica. “The soreness dissipated and I stopped craving bad things pretty quickly, though.”

Along with feeling healthier, she noticed her erratic spending stopped. “When I was having a bad day, I’d sometimes treat myself in the form of food or something I didn’t need,” remembers Jessica. “When I started working out regularly, I stopped craving bad foods. I didn’t feel the need to buy something to feel better about myself.”

But Jessica didn’t stop at converting her diet and ramping up physical exertion. Nope. She did one more little thing.

“I quit my day job as a marketing and sales professional.” Boom.

“I decided to really take control of my life and health and add more balance,” she said. “Prior to leaving my job, I was essentially working two full-time jobs — my day job, and in my spare time, my own business.  I was running on steam, stressed to the max with no balance in my life.”

Two months have passed and Jessica feels stronger, more confident — and she’s saving money. She misses the steady paycheck a bit, but doesn’t have any regrets.

“I finally feel like I’m doing the right thing. I’m educating people about money, and helping people. It feels like I’m providing a service that truly matters.”

Something else came out of this transformation. She created the Rich and Fit Boot Camp with Jaclyn. “We found that what you apply to help improve your health parallels with what you do to improve your finances,” said Jessica.

Here are two examples we talked about: For fitness, you need to have a workout and nutrition plan to stay on track. In the financial world you need a budget. For fitness, you track all of your workouts and meals. In finances,  you track your spending.

Makes sense.

For Jessica, this financial/fitness formula is working wonderfully. Now she hopes her boot camp will help other people cure their money and health woes.

“How amazing would your life be if you could conquer both your money and your body struggles?”


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