The worst way to get out of debt is to pay the bare minimum. Find out how much that would hurt where you live.

While many Americans use credit cards because they’re convenient, 44 percent of us carry credit card balances, according to the Federal Reserve.

We hope people aren’t paying the bare minimum, either because they have to or simply because they can. One look at how long that would take the average person in each state to pay off is a strong incentive to scrounge up extra bucks for paying down debt. In the worst case, Alaska, it’s more than 20 years and comes with hefty interest penalties along the way.

To figure it all out, we took credit card debt per capita figures from the Federal Reserve, paired them with the Census Bureau’s median income, and plugged those numbers into’s credit card debt calculator. Below you can see the 10 states closest to and furthest from paying off their debt — and just how much they can save by speeding things up.