Maybe they should call it Wi-Fly. And maybe everything should be priced like chicken, too.

INSURANCE: Men make more, pay more, die sooner

President Obama has said, “On average, full-time working women earn just 77 cents for every dollar a man earns.” But it’s not all good news for guys: A new report claims, “Men pay an average of 38 percent more than women for the exact same life insurance policy.”

“At age 45, men pay 32 percent more than women,” says the study released yesterday by “At age 65, the gap grows to 40 percent.”

And, of course, women live longer. The Centers for Disease Control say American men live an average of 76 years, while women last until almost 81.


TECH: Why fly without Wi-Fi?

If most U.S. airline passengers had to choose, they’d rather surf than eat.

Says a Honeywell survey released Tuesday:  “37 percent would be upset if they didn’t have Wi-Fi access on their next flight, which is about the same amount (35 percent) as those who would be disappointed about not having food or drinks available for purchase.”

That makes sense to Honeywell VP Jack Jacobs. “You can pack your own meals, but you can’t pack your own Wi-Fi,” he says.

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FOOD: Tastes like chicken

The National Chicken Council is crowing like a rooster. On Monday, it announced, “More chickens are crossing the road and on to consumers’ plates” — chicken consumption is up 17 percent. The reasons? Price and health.

“With the tight supplies in the cattle and hog herds, and accompanying record beef and pork prices, it’s not surprising to see a double digit increase in chicken consumption this year,” says the council’s communications VP Tom Super (yes, that’s his real name). “What is surprising to me is that health and nutrition and taste both topped cost as the reason consumers are turning more to the original white meat.”

Sounds like fighting words with the National Beef Association and the Pork Producers Council.


CARS: A total lack of recall

Auto sales are booming, and if the price is right, car buyers don’t care about safety.

“For the first time since before the Great Recession, new-vehicle sales hit an annualized rate of nearly 17 million at the mid-year mark,” boasted a study released Thursday by, which also reported its own new-car searches were up 50 percent from the same time last year.

But another survey from shows, “Price is trumping safety record when it comes to choosing the next car. Price is the key driver for 96 percent of car owners and leasers.”

Safety record? While 53 percent say it’s “very important,” that comes after fuel efficiency at 61 percent.

So even though GM has recalled nearly 25 million vehicles in 45 separate recalls, its sales are “surprisingly healthy.”

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