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1. 6 Personal Finance Tools for College Students

Len Penzo dot Com — Len makes a good point in his opening paragraph. He states that parents sometimes worry about financial pitfalls during their kid’s college years as much as their grade performance.

They can quickly improve their grades, but financial issues last years. With that in mind he highlights some cool tools that “equip your college student to make better financial decisions.” The second is a budget calculator — something that all students should become familiar with.

2. Are You at the End of Your Financial Rope? Use This Checklist to Find Out

My Broken Coin — Aiden says that people who feel financially exhausted sometimes take out loans and make their situations worse. He recommends avoiding that scenario until you find out if you really are at the end of your rope.

He breaks his checklist down into seven parts. The first two include asking for extended deadlines for your bills and selling off your “extravagant or unnecessary personal items.” If you’re in a bad way, check out this post.

3. Surviving Student Loans is Digging Out of 125k of Student Debt

Less Debt More Wine —  Liz created the Student Loan Conquerors series. In it she interviews people who are paying back their loans. In this segment she interviews Rebecca, who owes $125,000 in student loan debt.

She says, “I took out $57K for undergraduate and $40K for graduate school for a total of $97K.” She also owes interest. I really like this series because Liz asks pertinent questions and the answers she receives are not only painfully honest, they are helpful. Check it out.

4. Forget The Global Economy, This Should Be Your First Focus

Family Money Plan — Andrew watched the news faithfully, especially when they reported on the economy and the markets. It interested him. Then one day a person asked him this question: “How’s your personal economy?”

That’s when he realized that he couldn’t control the outside world but he could control his own. He discusses his philosophy on “thinking of yourself as self-employed.” Check his post out and start focusing on your economy.

5. Track and Improve Your Credit

Moolanomy — This blogger breaks down his tips into three categories. But first he mentions “a few things your credit can impact.” The first one grabs your attention: Spending an extra $50,000 in interest on a mortgage. A result of a poor credit rating.

His tips include getting a free credit report and “Dispute any inaccuracies.” If you get a free report and find errors but don’t get them corrected, you’re just wasting time. If you don’t know how, read this step-by-step approach.

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