Eating out, negotiation hacks, money rules, side hustles and more.

1.  23 Ways to Spend Less Money Eating Out at Restaurants

Money Manifesto — One thing I noticed while writing about personal finance bloggers: Eating out at restaurants is a weakness. Lance says, “My family usually eats out at least once a week. They do it because they didn’t prepare dinner ahead of time.

That’s a problem for many families in general. We don’t plan our meals and end up wasting money at restaurants. Lance helps us cut down on our expenses. He discusses meal planning and other smart tips. Check out his post if you eat out too much.

2. 5 Actionable Negotiation Hacks that will Save You Money

Free Money Finance — Guest poster Edwin C. believes: “Being a good negotiator can help you in almost any facet of your life.” This skill helps you negotiate your salary, your credit card bill, and more.

It also brings about awareness. For example, he discusses the negotiation tactic known as the “scarcity principle.” It’s when a salesman warns that “we only have one item left, buy it now or lose out.” Don’t fall for it and waste your money.

3. 4 Classic Money Rules You Might Want to Ignore

My Dollar Plan — Not all money rules work for everyone. After all, personal finance means personal. We do things that work for us, not someone else. Don admits that: “While on the surface they do make sense” you may still find a better choice when you carefully review them.

I like his first example: “Pay off high interest rate first.” He tried that but got frustrated because his high interest debt was so large “it felt like I wasn’t making any progress.” So he started paying off the smaller balances and felt much better.

4. The Most Popular Side Hustles (According to Research)

Young Adult Money — Side hustles are rampant. David agrees and recently found a survey from CareerBuilder, which lists the side hustles people are “probably” doing the most. Survey taker tops the list.

David says “I wasn’t surprised to see survey taker mentioned, as it’s long been a good way to make a (little) extra money on the side.” I was surprised when I noticed Uber/Lyft  weren’t mentioned. If you’re interested in making a few extra bucks, check out his post.

5. How Much Time Do You Spend Managing Your Finances

Enemy of Debt — Travis doesn’t say how much time managing your finances takes, but he does “list the activities needed to properly deal with your finances.” For example, he says list expenses and income for a month.

He also recommends tracking all your expenses. You can use a notebook, a phone, or any other resources available that suit your needs and comfort level. Just start and stick with your plan. If it doesn’t work out, make the proper adjustments and keep moving forward.

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