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1. 6 Phrases that will Doom Your Finances

1500 Days to Freedom — This blogger believes many nuggets of wisdom regarding finances are bunk. He says, “I hear personal finance ‘wisdom’ (is my sarcasm coming through?) almost every day that makes me cringe.” So, what “wisdom” should you ignore?

I like the second one: “Treat yourself” or “You deserve it.” What exactly do you deserve? New shoes, a luxury vehicle or the latest electronic gadget — how about a credit card bill you can’t afford? Check out this post. He provides great information and comedy relief.

2. The Credit Crunch: Simple Solutions to Your Credit Woes

The Finance Wand — I guess these solutions are theoretically easy. But once you start them, they become much harder — especially if you’re short on cash. I consider the second one, “Error on report,” the easiest. Just pull your credit report and check for errors.

If you find an error, contact the company who made it and get it resolved. You may also find that you’re a victim of fraud. If that’s the case, read this post concerning credit fraud and your credit reports.

3. The Struggle For (Financial) Power In A Marriage 

Frugal Asian Finance — This blogger grew up in Vietnam and she disagrees with the traditional husband and wife roles that her country espouses. Men have all the fun and the women take care of the children, do the cooking, etc. So, she rebelled. Unfortunately, her hunger for power, especially financial power, in her marriage causes anger and frustration.

She says, “I’ve always tried to control every little purchase Mr. FAF’s made since we got married. Most of the time I feel exhausted having to monitor and convince him to save more.” But she admits that he’s frugal. Check out this post if you’re having financial issues in your marriage. And remember, talk about money or risk divorce.

4. Healthy Financial Habits You Should Adopt

My Journey to Millions — Evan starts with the most obvious healthy financial habit: “Don’t spend more than you make.” I say obvious because it makes perfect sense. But too many people don’t abide by that golden rule. Things like impulse purchases and keeping up with the Joneses derail them.

I like his fourth habit: Automate finances. By automating them, you won’t miss a payment and if you automate investments, Evan says “you’ll never feel tempted to spend money you ‘promised’ to your future.” Makes good sense. Read his post and then read about five secret habits of self-made millionaires.

5. Wealth Creation Needs Thought and Common Sense

Fire Finance — This blogger noticed that after the recession occurred, people stopped using credit cards haphazardly. But now it seems that people easily forget the problems large credit card debt causes.

The blogger says, “The level of consumer debt suggests that few Americans are concerned by the level of spending on credit.” So, if you are carrying too much debt, start using these common sense tips. For example, change your priorities. Stop spending on things you don’t need, and start saving for retirement.

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