Transportation costs, the "eff" word, financial intimacy, sexy husbands and more.

1. 10 Ways to Minimize Your Transportation Costs and Save Money

Money Crashers — Michael says, “For most Americans, transportation costs are a significant part of everyone’s budget.” Unless you live in a walking city or rely on public transportation, owning a car in the U.S. is almost mandatory. Americans are, for the most part, commuters. So, let’s minimize those car costs.

I like the 10th way: “Minimize fuel costs.” Michael provides four ideas under this heading, including increasing miles driven per gallon of gas. Don’t accelerate quickly, stop speeding, and lay off the heavy braking. He says braking hard on highways wastes 33 percent of fuel. Read this post. He provides many great ideas.

2. How Efficiency Became My Favorite “Eff” Word

Young and Thrifty — Chris enjoys creative writing, but he admits financial writing doesn’t stir the same emotions that poetry or great storytelling do. But he does feel that the word “efficiency” stimulates the imagination. He says, “When you get down to it, there’s nothing sexier than efficiency. The ability to take a little, and make a lot out of it.”

I like this post. It describes how living with less makes sense and saves money. He also makes a case for the simple life rather than the extravagant “bigger is better” life some people practice. He teaches us to build a system that not only promotes efficiency, it earns extra money.

3. Five Signs You Aren’t Financially Intimate with Your Partner

The Feminist Financier — At, we’ve posted numerous stories on money and marriage. And how keeping financial secrets or not discussing money leads to divorce for many couples. The Feminist Financier agrees: “Money is a tremendous cause of friction in partnerships and fighting about money is a top predictor of divorce.”

If you’re worried about your partner’s finances, check out these five signs. The second sign, “You don’t know if they have debt,” could definitely cause friction. Sit down with your partner and have a heart-to-heart discussion. If they lie about their money issues, who know what else they’ll lie about?

4. 10 Reasons Frugal Husbands are Sexy as Hell

Club Thrifty — The words frugal and sexy don’t usually inhabit the same sentence. But Holly says her husband, who once struggled as a nearly broke actor, “went without for so long that I think it’s just ingrained in him to believe we don’t have money to spare.” She admits that he’s cheap — but also sexy.

Her fifth reason, “He won’t have too many annoying (and costly) hobbies” made me chuckle. He doesn’t golf or play video games, and sports cars don’t interest him. I’m not sure what he does in his spare time. If you describe your husband as a cheapskate, read this post and find the sexy.

5. The $20 Emergency Fund

Money After Graduation — Emergency funds avoid further credit card debt and stress. But too many people say saving up the proper amount is too difficult. Not really. When someone makes that complaint, Bridget simply answers, “Well, you start by opening an account and putting a dollar in it.”

You must start somewhere. And $20 a week beats $0 a week. And what are you giving up? One or two bottles of wine, coffee, or maybe a lunch or two during the work week? Bridget provides a list showing you how saving up the extra $20 won’t break your bank.

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