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1. 15 Golden Rules for Saving on Every Purchase

Money Talks News — Saving money goes beyond coupons and apps in Maryalene’s post. She says “there are a number of tried and true ways to save money on virtually everything you buy.” Her first rule states, don’t buy new if you can get it used — especially cars. A “new car loses 11 percent of its value” as soon as you cruise off the lot.

The ninth rule simply states “Compare, compare, compare.” Don’t immediately purchase a sale item unless you’re positive you won’t find a better price. She recommends using PriceGrabber, Shopzilla and NexTag for low prices. Once you’ve finished this post, check out 7 Ways to Save Money When You’re Depressed.

2. When FOMO Strikes the Finances

The Billfold — FOMO: The Fear Of Missing Out. Emily and her boyfriend suffer from this affliction. They “have a tendency to say “yes” to just about everything.” Unfortunately, the events they say “yes” to usually cost them money. For example, Sunday brunch with friends or watching a concert downtown.

She says they are social people and love hanging with their friends. But the money thing has been bothering her so she and her boyfriend are “resolving to do less, and to say ‘no’ more often” in 2017. That doesn’t mean they can’t have fun. It means avoiding the restaurant scene and having people over for a dinner party instead. How do you solve your FOMO issues?

3. 5 Things Millennials Need To Understand About Money In 2017

Broke Millennial — Erin says there are “plenty of financial clichés” and although they’re worn out, they’re mostly true. For example, pay yourself first. Her list is a bit different. She doesn’t populate it with “generalities.” As you read her post you’ll understand what she means.

The first thing is: “Other people will be happy to spend your money.” Weddings, birthday parties, bridal showers and bachelor parties cost money. The people who invite you (friends, family members, etc.) don’t actually spend your money, but she says “the mid-twenties to early-thirties seems like an endless cycle” of these events. If you can’t afford it, say no. Check out her other money tips for millennials.

4. Would You (& Should You) Dump Someone Because of Money

Stefanie O’Connell — Love or money? It’s certainly a complicated issue. Stefanie believes you should talk with the person and find out why they’re in  financial turmoil — “get the whole story” — before you abruptly dump them. But that may not help either. The person you care about could also be a great liar.

So what should you do? Read Stefanie’s post for help. And after you’re finished, read For Love of Money and this scandalous tidbit on the secrets lovers hide from one another. If you have the guts, comment on the money lies you’ve told your boyfriend or girlfriend.

5. These 5 Lists Will Help You Save More Money in 2017

Clark — Michael paid off his mortgage ($86,000) in two years. When people ask him how he did it, he says with “a pen and paper.” But first he created a budget with an online tool like PowerWallet. Then he “relied heavily on a series of mostly handwritten lists” to hold himself “accountable.”

The fourth list is interesting — the “waste list.” He records all the food he wasted and puts a dollar and cents total for each item. For example, on the list he provides in his post he has deli turkey $2.00 among other things. Read this post and try creating a few lists for yourself.

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