Cord cutting, shopping tips, ID theft, disputing medical bills and more.

1.  How to Decide if Cord Cutting Is Right For You

Consumer Report — These days, cutting the cable cord is in vogue. James says industry experts “say people are leaving traditional pay-TV services at an accelerating rate and turning to cablelike streaming subscription services instead.”

But before you cut the cord, he presents a few things you should consider. For example, streaming isn’t always reliable and internet services sometimes cost more. In other words, the process can be tricky. You should carefully think it through and do your homework.

2. How I Shop: Specific Tricks for Your Next Trip to the Grocery Store

The Simple Dollar — Trent gets incredibly detailed in this post. He covers topics such as creating a shopping list, making meal plans, his behavior traits while he’s shopping, cooking skills and more.

I like the part where he discusses “looking for in-store sales.” He never does this. He believes it wastes time and leads to impulse buying. Trent says, “I’m not looking around at all for sale prices on items I’m not intending to buy.” Sage advice.

3. Are You Helping an ID Thief Get a Credit Card? — Adam makes this frightening statement: “it would be a miracle if your data were not somewhere available on the dark web, which is a sort of digital black market.” And you could’ve unwittingly helped it get there.

How? By not using every (or almost every) ID theft protection asset available. At the very least he says you should “practice the 3 Ms. They include: Minimize, Monitor and Manage. Check out this post, you might save your own identity.

4. The Ultimate Guide to Disputing a Medical Bill and Reducing Your Payment

The College Investor — Robert breaks this comprehensive post into even steps. But first he explains how he fought the unfair medical bills, he relates his own story. I’ll let you read about that on your own.

What I found interesting, prior to the seven steps, was his “general notes before disputing a bill” section. He believes that you must go into this fight prepared — and not angry. He also provides some note-taking advice, which is extremely important.

5. 7 Mistakes Guaranteed to Ruin Your Retirement

Money Talks News — Retirement is a hot button topic. But many people around the world don’t understand how their retirement plan works. Maryalene may not explain how retirement plans operate but she does explain won’t you shouldn’t do when it comes to planning.

I found the third one interesting: “Making the wrong savings priorities.” The example she gives may be a bit controversial, but it makes sense. Saving for retirement is more important than saving for your kids’ college education. Review the other mistakes.

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