Pricey vacations, rude coworkers, and obsessive anglers.

$48 billion

What Americans — 33 million of them — spend on recreational fishing each year. That might sound like good news, but the survey by manufacturer Honeywell (which makes fishing line) also revealed 67 percent “admit to having missed work in order to go fishing” and 79 percent went fishing “even when their travel companions didn’t want to join them.” How’s the bumper sticker go — “I say we fish five days and work two”?


The cheapest double hotel room in Nantucket, Massachusetts, this month — which makes it August’s most expensive vacation destination in North America. listed the 20 priciest places to stay on the continent, and nearly all were northerly: Portland, Maine, was second and Martha’s Vineyard was third, and so on. So consider vacationing this month in the Deep South, which didn’t make the list at all.

70 percent

American workers who “think people become less courteous as they climb the corporate ladder.” The workplace etiquette survey by employment agency Accountemps also said the most annoying coworker habits were talking loudly on the phone (36 percent), loitering at a colleague’s desk (23 percent), and “eating foods that have strong odors” (15 percent). That last one seems like a potential solution for the first two, just saying.

42 percent

Parents who are so freaked out by the skyrocketing cost of higher education, they now “think about vocational and career schools in the same way that they think about public or private colleges.” So says a new survey from the College Savings Foundation, which reported a generation gap: “That is double the 21 percent of high school students who think that way.”

 4 days

How much time it takes most Americans to “unwind during vacation.” The survey from jobs site also showed 19 percent say they “never fully relax on vacation.”

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