What was your dumbest smartphone mistake?

These past couple weeks, the hype over the release of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has been replaced with the hype over the iPhone 6 Plus bending like Beckham.

Critics have called it Bendgate and Bendghazi. Apple defenders say it’s an exaggeration and cite a new Consumer Reports study that backs them up. 

Real or not, here’s a stark truth: The 6 Plus goes for $749 — not chump change to the average American consumer, and not something you want to break with bending, water damage, or anything else.

How to win $50

That got us thinking… How much money have you ever lost on a mobile phone?

Whether it was an accident, hardware/software flaw, or unbridled rage, tell us your most epic phone fail in the comments below or on our Facebook page, and win a $50 Amazon gift card if we think you’re the biggest failure of all.

In this case, failure is a good thing!  Deadline to submit is 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 5.

Last week’s winner

Last week we asked about the longest line you’ve ever waited in. Our team was split between a great one involving a senior citizen brawling with teens over video games, but that story was barely edged out by this one from our winner, Katie P., who wrote:

I was in NYC waiting in line for same-day Broadway tickets for The Book of Mormon. You had to get there early and the tickets sold out pretty quickly (only the first X amount of people in line got them). I waited for hours in the morning and pretty much kept to myself, as did the people in line around me. After about 4 hours, I had finally reached the front door, but something was wrong.

katiepThe door was closed. However, the line kept going.

I stepped out of line with one foot to lean out and look, and there seemed to be a hoard of people just a few doors down.

I had inadvertently been waiting in line for four hours to buy cronuts. The Book of Mormon didn’t have an afternoon show that day, but the cronut shop sure was open and business was booming. It was the Cronut Craze of 2013, and EVERYONE wanted some. I was obviously really annoyed (at myself), but I was hungry. I’d waited this long, so I might as well try some cronuts, right?

Nope. They ran out a few people before me.

It may have taken a year, Katie, but you didn’t wait in line for nothing. A $50 Amazon gift card is coming your way, and while Amazon doesn’t sell cronuts, they do have an I <3 Cronuts iPhone 6 case

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