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1. 10 Simple Strategies to Simplify Your Life

Money Talks News — Juggling, work, the kids, bills, and a career can be overwhelming. TV reporter/CPA Stacy Johnson offers simple ways to get rid of all that clutter in our lives. One strategy: Get rid of “emotional vampires who are feeding on your positive energy.”

2. The Exact Amount to Maximize Happiness

Budgets Are Sexy — A Blogger named J. Money offers advice on how to get the most happiness for the least amount of money. It’s all about spending the “exact amount” to “maximize happiness.” The sexiest tip involves his wife, scissors, and hair spray.

3. Reader Mailbag: Graduation Season

The Simple Dollar — It’s graduation season, and many lost souls will be taking up adult roles. Here’s great advice for the college grad. Your options are more than drive your car into the ground, eat frozen sandwiches, or living in a bad neighborhood to save on rent.

4. This Is the Secret to Buying Electronics for Cheap

Wise Bread — When it comes to electronics, it often works like this: We see it, we want it, we can’t afford it, but we buy it anyway. Learn how to buy refurbished electronics for a fraction of the cost, and the different categories that can save you the most.

5. How I Earn Credit Card Rewards Responsibly

Bargaineering — Getting rewarded for spending your own money is the definition of win-win. But it can also be a win-lose to those who spend too much to earn too little. Here’s how to take advantage of rewards cards responsibly and sensibly.

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