These statistics are real, even though they sound too weird to be true.

Here are recently researched numbers that we can’t get our minds around…

36 million

Number of Americans “1 year and over who moved between 2012 and 2013,” according to a new Census report. Of those, 5 percent made the move “to be closer to work or for an easier commute.” There are 316 million people in this country.

29.2 million

Americans who “have posted a food or drink picture at a restaurant.” Who would spend money to discern this number? Mintel, a company that, among other things, advises restaurant chains on how to make more money.

Mintel even suggests that 29.2 million number “would be higher if people’s phones hadn’t died: 28 percent indicate they would stay longer at restaurants if charging stations for electronic devices were available for their phones.” Expect to see those stations soon enough.


New cars and trucks that will be sold in the United States this year, according to a prediction from auto research website “The projected sales will be an 11.5 percent increase from April 2014 and a 7.3 percent increase from May 2013.”


“The average size of homes built last year,” reports CNN, “an all-time high that surpassed even the housing bubble years, when homes averaged around 2,400 square feet.”


Nights per year that most professional golfers are working away from home.

Says a survey from Crowne Plaza Hotels, which can only be happy with the results: “56 percent of golfers across the PGA Tour, Champions Tour or Tour are on the road for work – either for tournament play or sponsor obligations – at least 150 nights per year, with 22 percent amassing more than 200 nights on the road.”


How many minutes of an hourlong meeting “went to waste,” according to a poll of American workers conducted by staffing firm Robert Half Management Resources. Top two reasons: “Not having a clear purpose or agenda for the meeting” and “Not sticking to an agenda.”

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